I aim to publish seven books by the end of 2016.  This is where you can keep up to date on my release schedule.  Many of these are TBA, yet the first three books I am working on are:

Purgatory: Ghoul Part One: TBD

Kyle Goodsped has been able to seen ghosts for most of his life.  Today, he woke up thanks to his ghostly “friend” Michelle wanting to help him.  Things go down hill fast when he tries to help a young ghost pass on.


Risen: A Cain Kurlow Adventure: TBD

The Civil War didn’t end the way people think. Blood magik and summoning of horrors shattered the West Coast, no longer California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona. It is now called the Uncharted, a large swath of haunted plains, strange beasts and creatures of nightmares. Cain Kurlow is a drifter in the Uncharted, he came to Riverbend for a drink and check up on some friends. Things go badly when he comes face to face with a Risen named Ben Stedding.


Void Emissary: DUE July 15th

Pieter, a wielder of the Void, is on the run from his brothers unsure of the crimes he is accused of.  Sarena, a headstrong pilot of a living ship only wanted to make a deal that would bring her enough fame to erase the bad blood associated with her.  Kyp is a youth and crewman of the Osprey, until he helps Pieter and most of his friends are killed while trying to help Pieter escape.  All three are thrown together to unravel the mystery of the Void.


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