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Day 73/ Day 12

Well, thanks to the way I first used keywords, I lost most of the day trying to get Blood for the Empress on Amazon.  However, it is finally there!

So, get it while you can for cheap.  Once Game of Thrones premier is over PST, I shall be raising the price to $2.99.  And yes, Wrath is being worked on and hoping to get it out before the end of August.

If you want to get in on it, might I suggest going here first.  It will only cost you an email, and I promise I won’t use it for spam.  Just to keep you updated with all of the scribblings and books when they come out.



Day 70/ Day 9

I have been very slowly working on the edits for Cryo.  It is sapping at my soul.  I usually hate editing and re-writing.  Yet, this is worse.  I do not want to go into the particulars of it, but suffice to say its been an experience.

I am still doing the 100k challenge, yet I can’t tell you how much I actually wrote with the edits and re-write because of how the novel was edited.  I’d say I have added maybe 100 words today.  Yet, after midnight, I was able to crank out 400 in short order for another project.  Don’t know what yet, but it is there.

Also, I have noticed that the only real sales of anything have been my military sci-fi I.S.S. Starkiller.  I know I need to get on the rest of that.  I have three more parts of the first “season.”  And who knows what will happen after that.  I do know there is more to the story, so if you do read it, it will not end at part six.

I am waiting for the return of Blood for the Empress from the editor.  Going to be sending it out soon after that.  All of those on the mailing list will get a notification.  And, for everyone on the mailing list, there will be a link to the short The Collector.  It is a magnet I am going to use to help bring eyes to Blood.

There is also the thought of trying for a bundle of “First in series…”  A collection of the my four serials, Risen, Purgatory, I.S.S. Starkiller and Janus City.  The idea is that those who want to get a taste of each one can buy it and see how it goes.  It will have a little bit of millitary sci-fi with Starkiller, some urban fantasy noir with Janus City, some urban fantasy with Purgatory and some supernatural western with Risen.

After all of that is done, I will probably take a day off and work on what I have been putting off.  Resetting my Kobo book list.  Some of the stories won’t be there, since some of my stories are going to be going onto KU.  But, I am going to try something.  Some of the titles will be going wide, some staying on KU.  I will keep you all informed as to what is going where.



Day 69/ Day 7

So, I know this is weird, doing a post during the day.  I just wanted to let people know that I have just published the first in a serial of a fantasy noir that if you read my blog, have read a version of.

Janus City Part One.  Suggest you pick it up if you like urban fantasy noir with an odd twist.  Also, got another print copy of Blood for the Empress and as you can see, the cover and the trim size don’t match.  (Sigh)  I will work this out…


Day 68/Day 6

I have been having a hard few days trying to sit down and write.  All this week there have been distractions, things that make it hard to sit and focus.  Today, I got a little time to squirrel away to get a little over a thousand words written.  Mostly in Wrath which is a good thing.  That deadline is looming and as I have said before, I don’t think I’ll have all of Wrath done by then.  And even less of Tears.  However, I have notes and a direction on where to go so that is enough.

Plus I am also tying my own hands by trying to get out what is now FOUR serials.  Luckily at least Risen shouldn’t be more than three parts total.  I could be wrong and it goes longer.  We will see.

The short story, The Collector will soon be going out to my list and to Patreon supporters.  It will always be free.  I do not plan to ever sell it or put in part of a collection.  I always want it to be available to anyone.

I think I will write a little note to both mail subscribers and Patreon peeps about writing it and where I came up with the idea.  And then share it here sooner or later.  For now, good night.


Day 66/Day 3

I didn’t have a chance to update this blog yesterday, was exhausted and dealing with other things.  Didn’t get much writing done either.  But, today, I…well I got 1678.  Better than nothing.  But, I do need to step up the writing if I want to try and actually get close to my goal of 100k words this month.

But I have two GREAT pieces of news for you all.  I have completed two short pieces and they will be going out shortly.  One is the first of a new serial.  And, if you kept up on my blog last month, it will be familiar to you.  It is Janus City: Part One.   Yep, I am going to start up a serial of that.

The other piece of news is that I have finally finished my “book magnet” for the Empress Series.  It is called the Collector and I have shared the cover with you before.  But I will share it again because I love it.

And, just in the last hour or so, I had a thought to put together another bundle.  A sort of “starter set” for the serials I have out.  Now, if you already have all of them, no worries.  But, it is a thought and I might try it and see what happens.  Will keep you updated.  And yes, if I am going to push forward on the serial bundles, that means I have to get my writer butt in gear and start to finish some of these serials!

Here are the covers, enjoy…



Day 64/Day 1

Yes, you are not seeing things, I am starting another challenge.  Another 100k word challenge.  The first day, I got 1,100.  Not great.  But it is a start.  Also, I am going to try and do something once a week.  Probably Fridays, I am going to post up a serial.  Not sure what I am going to do, but hoping it is passable and palpable.

Night all.




I have just sent it off to my line reader.  He said it might take up to two weeks.  Which kinda sucks since I wanted this out within the first week of July.  But I can deal.

I am going to take a much deserved day off today.  Going to game with some friends tomorrow night.  And then back to work on several projects.  One is Janus City, one is Cryo–I swear I will finish it soon, and the last is going to be Wrath of the Empress…the second in the series of the Empress Trilogy.

I just wish Amazon hadn’t screwed me over with pre-orders.  Or I would set up a pre-order for Wrath when I publish Blood.  Instead, I will have to hope I finish Wrath in the near the future.

Night all.


Day 62/ Day 29

Oh what have I done?  WHY did I take on this challenge?  My brain hurts…my body hurts…I think I a, losing what was left of my sanity…granted for those that know me it was already a small sugar packet anyway.

I have twelve chapters left to edit and rewrite, then I send it to my proofreader and then I will be taking a day off.  I need to take a break from the trilogy thing and from writing for a day.  Which means I will be ready to recharge with some gaming Friday.  Looking forward to that.

I hope to have both the book and the reader magnet, The Collector, out by the end of next week.  I will keep you informed.


Day 61/Day 28

I know I haven’t written in a few days.  I have been hard at work…sorta…trying to finish up Blood for the Empress.  It is in the final stages.  I am finishing up a draft to send to my proofreader before I put it up on Amazon.  It will exclusive on Amazon for a little bit.  Probably about ninety days.  Then, it will be wide.  Going to do that with all three of the books.  Put it up for ninety days to be an Amazon exclusive and then put it wide.

Also, I will be sending out a free short story to everyone who is already on my mailing list first, and then going to advertise it to get onto my list.  it will be a short story that connects to the Empress Trilogy with one of the best characters I have loved to write about in the series…Torvash.  Below is the cover for it.  I know I have teased it before.

I am REALLY hoping I can get this book out by the first week of July.  And though I have already failed the challenge with the trilogy I am still trying to get the words out.  But, once Blood is out, I will be able to fully focus on Wrath and Tears.



Day 57/Day 24/Janus City Update

Feel like I am running on fumes for some reason.  Brain isn’t working very well.  Only did 900 words today.  And, no gaming tonight.  But, I will be gaming with some friends tomorrow, which I am looking forward to.  Anyway, I am going to wrap this one one.  Night all.


Oh, one thing I guess…even though I might be distracting myself.  I have printed out some of Janus City and I might start editing a bit tonight or when I have a shot.  Thinking about making a short serial of it.

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