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New novel out…

Varnadore_VOID EMISSARY_ebook

That is right, I have finished up the first book of the Book of the Void series: Void Emissary.  There is a link to it for Amazon only.  I am trying something a little different and keeping it on Amazon and using KU and see how things go.  I will be keeping you all in the loop.  Enjoy.




Void Emissary Update

Hey everyone.  I am hard at work on Void Emissary.  The first edit is done and I am already working on the re-write.  It will take a few days or so.  Then, sending it out to some beta readers and editors.  I will have it on Amazon by July 15th.  I will also be using a neat app on this site to make short posts on how much I have finished on the re-write.  Stay tuned.


Update on Void Emissary…

Well, I am at about 31,000 words of a 80-90,000 word novel called Void Emissary.  I was at 17,000 or so on Sunday.  I am slamming through this novel.  Loving the work, trying to get at least 5,000 to 6,000 words out a day.  It isn’t easy, yet I have a job to do and the word count creeping up is a great way to make me feel better about the deadline I made.

I have some friends from my alma mater of UCR @ Palm Desert who made a group for use alums.  I was invited to join a few days ago and was told that the group was there to help push us, to set down a goal and to set up a big carrot and bigger stick for us.  I thought it would be a great thing to put up my own deadline.  And there are some who think I am a bit crazy.

On the 19th of June, I put up I would have Void Emissary done and on Amazon on July 15th.  They think I am nuts.  I might be, yet I am already a third of the way through the first draft.  I plan on doing a read through of it myself, correct it, then when it is edited, I will send it out to two editors I know and give it to a few people who I know will respond with something I can work with.

The carrot?  Haven’t put one up, but I am sure it will be good.

The stick?  Hehe, i have to donate $500 to a presidential candidate I despise and actively campaign for them.

As soon as I wrote the stick, I started to have the terror sweats.  But the way i am clipping along with the novel, I will have it done within plenty of time to get it up on Amazon.


Anyway, I must go, I am halfway through my words for the day.  Trying to get 6k since yesterday I only got 4.7k done.


A small change of publishing schedule…

Things are coming a little fast in my life at the moment.  I have to cancel my Purgatory: Ghoul serial launch as of now.  I will still be working on it, yet I need to push it back maybe a month or so.  I am still shooting to have Risen out when I have it listed, and Void Emissary is stalled and waiting for the book cover and some inspiration to get back to it.  But I will have those two out when I have said.  Just a small change is all.  And, now, back to sleep and then more writing and editing tomorrow.


It’s over 9,000!

Okay, maybe a shade under, 19 words under to be a bit more precise…but still, in one day I did write over 4,500 words with Ghoul, so I am taking it as a win.  Now, I am going to print it out tomorrow and put it aside.  I still have to work on Void and then finish editing Risen before I can go back to Ghoul.  I know it sounds weird.  But I see it this way.  I have a draft of Ghoul.  I can go over it and polish it again before sending it off to two editors I know.  One is more proofreader/line editor.  The other is for content.  Both are great people.  Before I polish it though, it needs a little time to sit.  I have a massive project with Void to work on.  (I think this is going to be at least a 70-80,000 word novel.)  And once I have a better draft of Void, I set that aside and work on Risen.  Then, Work on Ghoul, send it off and go back to Void again hammer and tongs.  If I feel that the date for either release of the smaller projects is creeping up to much, I will set Void aside and get the others finished first.

And now, maybe to bed.  Or finish up an episode of a show I have on my dvr that is taking up space.  Sleep is for when you are dead, right…



June 1st

Well, today was suppose to be the day I get Cryo out on Amazon Kindle.  Instead, I got a wild hair and posted it up a week early.  I know I did the right thing, even though it has not been selling at all.  I should be getting some sales later since Mostly Human is now permafree and people are snapping that up.

I also have started to work on three different works right now.  One of them is called Void Emissary.  I am currently waiting for a cover, well the designer is waiting for her money.  (It is my own fault she hasn’t gotten it yet.  She will soon.)  She is a great designer, if you need one, go here.  Void Emissary, as I think I’ve said before, is a science fantasy steampunk alien invasion story.  I know that is a mouthful, but it is shaping up slowly but surely.  I will try and get something up on the site with a sneak peek soon.  Within a week or so I should.

I am also working on a novella of a supernatural western, Risen.  I dug this out of a drive from an old computer.  I was stunned finding something as fully fleshed out as I did.  I think part of it was i was so concerned with trying to “fix” Mostly Human for a traditional publisher that I couldn’t get onto anything else.  Now that I have it out on kindle, I have been able to move on and find other things that I had, half-finished trunk novels, pieces I want to work on, and even new ideas that have come to me.  This supernatural western has a character named Cain Kurlow.  Think Solomon Kane with a bit of High Plains Drifter thrown in.  Once I get the final cover, yes i got a cover for it already from someone else.  Another great guy that you can find here.

The third piece I am working on is called Purgatory: Ghoul.  This is a serial that I am going to start putting out once a month I think.  There are going to be four or five parts to each “season.”  This is a paranormal adventure story, having some roots from TV shows and anime that I love.  I update you on that soon.  For some of you that know me and know where I got Purgatory from, yes it is from that failed TV pilot I tried to work on awhile back.  I am going to put it out in serial episodes with a compilation once I am done with the whole season.

Must go, have a lot to work on now.  I haven’t put up when I will release Risen or Purgatory: Ghoul, yet I will by the end of the day.  Void will be coming out July 15th.  Talk later all.


Mostly Human in paperback

Hey everyone, now you can get my first novel, Mostly Human, in paperback on Amazon here.  I would of course love for my fans to but one.



The past day or two, I haven’t had much time to do writing.  But today is shaping up to allow for more.  Currently working on the next book to come out which will be a sci-fantasy steampunk alien invasion story.  It should be interesting.  I will keep you up to date when I have more.


Will also post my daily word count in the next update.


And now for some shameless self promotion…

Hey all, guess what just got published on Amazon…Cryo!  So, I thought I would tell you all.  Enjoy!



After finishing up with Cryo, which will be on Amazon and other sites by the weekend, I find I need to move away from the noir a little bit. I was planning on launching another series, an urban fantasy noir in the same vein as Dresden Files and Mercy Thompson, but I just can’t do it. I am working on several other things. One of them is a steampunk sci-fantasy thing. And a paranormal serial called Purgatory. I will keep you all up to date on it. I will still have something on July 15th. The serial will be either a weekly or every other week. It will be about ten episodes long, and I think about five “seasons” worth.

Until then, talk to you all later.

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