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Writer’s Block

First off, I do not believe in such a thing as writer’s block.  I think it is an affliction many writers say they have when they are stuck or stymied and have nothing else to do.  It is an excuse for being unproductive.  And yet, at the moment I seem to be suffering from it.  Maybe it is about the future of the country, the fact I am still not a top seller on Amazon or that I’m still a chunky guy trying to lose weight.

Or about my family.  My mom recently went through surgery to fix her broken leg.  She needed a new hip since the break was so close to the hip joint.  Before the surgery, she was getting worse and worse.  She wouldn’t get up at all under her own power, she refused to even try and walk without my father or I holding her up.  And, now she is in a rehab center, and there is a part of me that doesn’t see any kind of light at the end of the tunnel.  Unless it is that on coming train.

I know I am whining a little bit, and I am sure some of you who have come here are wondering what this has to do with the next episode of I.S.S. Starkiller or Purgatory.  Well, don’t worry, I need to get this out of my system, another few days or so, then I’ll have those up and ready for you to consume.

I get like this every once and again.  Comes with the territory of being a creative.  Sometimes, you get super down on yourself for some reason that the brain likes to latch onto.  And all you want to say is “Well, I think I’ll pitch this writer thing and be an accountant.”  It’s an old joke I tell my friends  when I get like this.  Since they know for a fact I am horrible with numbers and doing that would make me want to crawl out of my skin the first ten minutes.  (This is a personal thing, I have the highest regard for people who can actually crunch numbers.)

I shall stop prattling on and try to hunker down with a book or three.  I have found that usually get me out of the funk pretty quickly.

Until next time…


Something a little different…a piece from Summerland

I thought instead of a normal update, I’d actually put up a piece I am working on.  It has gone through one edit process, my own.  I have to give it to some others to read and to finish it really.  (The last few chapters are mere scenes that I strung together.)  But, I still want to get some of it out to those who follow this blog…



I looked at the scumbag in the seat across the desk from me. He gave me his normal smile, without his fangs. “Look Nash, you know I’m good for it,” Pyke said, his hands dry washing each other. He opened his mouth, closed them, working his lips for a moment to not fumble his words. “Really, I mean–”

“Uh huh, tell me another.” I held a small silver dagger in my hand, giving him an eyebrow raised stare. The Witch-Eye flared up, seeing the aura of black around Pyke. It would be black, he was a vampire after all.

His eyes flicked outside to the window.   I’d purposely left the screen open to make the vampire twitch a little. “Can we hurry this up? I need to get back home.” Best thing for that kind is to show them you know what can hurt them, start from a position of strength.

“I still want my money, Pyke,” I said, “Then we can hurry this along.”

“I truly hate that nickname, Nash. Please you know I’m good for it.” Pyke’s voice fumbled back to a slight Irish lilt with the word “hate.”

I continued to give him the cocked eyebrow. “And when can I expect the payment if I do let you go now?”

“Next week.”

I did some math tricks in my head. “Isn’t that when your ancestor’s going to be revived?”

The vamp twitched more, his hands moving to grab a cigarette. I’d already told him he wasn’t allowed to smoke. He brought it to his lips, the flame from his zippo close.

“Put that out. And answer the question,” I said, stabbing the desk with the dagger.

Pyke jerked backward. Hands coming up. The Witch-Eye flared a touch more when his eyes grew pure jet. “Nash, look…I promise the money will be here. Doesn’t it really matter how you get it?”

“I don’t want to deal with an Antediluvian if I can help it, thank you.” I scowled at him for wasting his time and mine.

“Come on Nash,” Pyke pleaded.


“You know I could make you give me an extension.” He gave me a smile, the black pupils expanding again to blot out the iris. He’s expending some power and not even full, what a dick.

“Doubtful,” I said.

“Have you put it to the test,” he asked, referring the  Witch-Eye.

Yeah, more times than I can count. “More than a little vamp like you, and survived.” The Witch-eye is a gift and a curse. It is a protection spell given to me by my father. Who then tried to kill me so my brother could have it. There was some kind of ritual thing. I never asked. I just ran. It also helped me see supernatural creatures that could hide from the people who they wanted to hide from. You know like how mortals think that vampires sparkle and live in Washington for some reason.

I felt him try and hit me with a bit of charm. His crooked and broken teeth were disturbing to look at, which was better than looking at his fangs when they grew. Which did emerge with his use of his vampiric charm. It hit the Witch-Eye field around me and faded to nothing. “Nice try, sparkle boy.”

Pyke gave me a grimace. “You know I hate those books.” Again with the Irish lilt.

Good, I like being under his skin.

“Yeah, but bored housewives love them. No matter how shitty they were written.”

Pyke stood up. He closed his eyes for a moment and mumbled something. I felt the Witch-Eye flare for a moment, then subside. Pyke looked the same. Pike’s eyes tainted pure black for a moment before resuming the color of mud. I wasn’t sure if he could see anything. Those who could see the Witch-Eye said that it looked like a bright red wall that cocooned me. The harder someone tried to get through it, the brighter it got.

“What are you doing, Pyke?”

He held his hands up for silence and then looked at me. “Nash, you will get your money. But, I have to go or the sun will turn me into ash.”

For a moment, I wanted to keep him there. To argue more. But that’d be cruel. Plus I’ll never get my money. I gave him a shooing gesture and he left in a hurry. He walked out of my office and I let out a sigh of relief. I hate dealing with blood suckers if I can help it. Though he was a client. Not much of a paying one, but still a client. He needed help making something disappear, something that I could help with. So, I helped him. It’s what I do. Since most things that could hurt me in this supernatural world were afraid of the Witch-Eye, or so damn awed by it that they left me alone.

For the most part.

The door banged opened and a figure walked into the room. “Franklin Nash, your time–”

Before it could continue speaking, I pulled out my Glock and fired three bullets at the thing. Acting fast in my line of work is best. Something bursts in, shoot. I had felt the flash of the Witch-Eye. Whatever this thing was bad mojo. Two bullets were cold iron, and one was silver. I’d have an idea, which hurt it more depending on where it grabbed.

Except, it dodged all three rounds and moved towards me. The thing was wrapped in blackness, only the small lamp on my desk and the light above my head gave an indication of form.



I have worked the new serial in my books.

I am working on an urban fantasy with some noir overtones called Summerland.  It is a bit of a grind on me right now.  Which I hate.  Writing and re-writing are the easier portions of what I do.  Yet, I have two serials I am now working on and that will help move me away from Summerland and the grind that it is causing.

We will see.

Starkiller is free until Friday.  Purgatory is free on Smashwords.  Trying to get it on B&N and Kobo, yet not sure if I can with the cover issues.  Explain later.  But, if I get it on B&N or Kobo–and it will be free there–then it could become free on Amazon.  The first episode of this will be free, every other episode of the season will be about $1.99, same with Starkiller.  Once I have wrapped the first season of the two serials, I will offer a compilation for about $5.99, which will include all six episodes.


Finally something to send out…

Hey guys, been working on this for awhile.  I have two serials I have started.  One is called Purgatory, n urban fantasy and the other is called I.S.S. Starkiller, a military sci-fi story.


Once a month, I will be publishing a new installment.  Enjoy


Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/679349

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSHR9A1

I.S.S. Starkiller

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MFHHD38



I am live on Patreon!

Hey all, I decided to try and get the patreon thing going.  If it works, awesome!  If not, not an issue.  I tried something to help with my writing.  Link is here.

Working on some serials and novel length things.  Back to the writing!



Working and writing

So, I am also working on several serials.  One of them I have talked to a little bit on here.  It is called Purgatory.  It is an urban fantasy with some bits of horror.  It was from a  pilot of a TV series I wrote and went nowhere with.  I will keep you up to date on it.

The other is called the I.S.S. Starkiller Chronicles.  It is a military sci-fi serial.  It is fun to write.  The AI for the ship is one of my favorites so far.  I am going to throw them both on Amazon.  And, Purgatory is going to go wide.  So, I will also throw it on Kobo, Nook and Smashwords.  The military sci-fi will be available on KDP when I put it up on Amazon.  Going to see which one garners more sales.  There will probably be a two week gap between each episode.  And, there will be a compilation of each one that I will sell at a slightly cheaper price than having to buy each one individually.  Keep you all informed.


Writing and writing…

Hey all, I know I haven’t written here in awhile.  Been working on an urban fantasy.  It is called Summerland.  I have worked on it a little in the past, but this is a big push to get 50k words fo the first draft done.  I am not going insane like last time.  I will set it aside when I am done with it and then edit and go through the manuscript a few times before I even think of publishing it.

I just put out a newsletter and I hope that those of you who read this blog will join it.  Takes a few minutes, won’t get spammy with your emails and I promise I willonly bother you at most, once a week with little bits of what is going on.

I am off to do more work on my novel.  Have a great night.


Not gone…

Sorry for the absence e everyone.  Slowly trying to get back on track with the writing.  I have finally started to write something, working on something I mean.  It is a fantasy and I will share more as I write it.  One thing I will say is that the most recent trip I took down the Danube and last year’s trip to France heavily influenced me this year.

Yes, a short update.  However, I do have a new writing goal as well.  Well, two.  First is a 50,000 first draft by October 15th.  The second part of this is I will need two more by Dec. 15th.  So, by Dec. 15th, I will need three 50,000 word drafts ready for editing and dissection.

Talk more later.  I will start looking for covers and see if I can put anything up for you all to drool over.


Sorry for the long silence

Hello all.  I am sorry for the long silence.  I was on a long trip and the wifi available wasn’t great.  I barely cracked my computer at all.  However, I did write in a little spiral notebook every day sometimes for hours.  It was a combination of working on a rpg setting (which I have since chucked for a different idea…more later) and various notes for random ideas and scenes that popped into my head.

Having just gotten back to the states recently, I am lollygagging at the moment.  Simply sitting here, looking over the notes–which are written in a near unintelligible chicken scratch of my own hand–and letting my mind wonder about.  I will buckle down and start to focus on the writing more as the days progress.  I am not sure if I will hit my goal of seven titles on Amazon by the end of the year, but I am going to try my best.  I have two this year, and I have until Dec. 31 2016, 11:59:59 right?  😛

Anyway…I have also read a few books while I was on the trip.  The first three books of the Eli Monpress series by Rachel Anon, she wrote a book called 2k to 10k and wanted to see if she had something to back it up, she did.  Wonderful books.  I also finished, just before I got home The Gilded Chain by David Duncan, a good rollicking kind of yarn.

And it has put me in the mood to move away from even the space opera science fantasy of Book of the Void to something more in line with fantasy.  The trip I went on had something to do with it I believe.  I was in Europe, sailing down the Danube and Rhine.  So, that scenery and background is in my head.  I will keep you all updated on how that starts to pan out as well.  The current thought I have is that I write this book and I will release it on its own and part of a bundle of books written by me.  So, for say $4.99 you could get the first of all three series, the 4Pollack series, Book of the Void and whatever this one is going to be.  Or, you could get them on their own for free (Mostly Human), and $2.99 for both Void Emissary and whatever the latest title becomes.

As I said earlier, I have a new setting idea for running with some friends.  And this is actually kind of easy for me, since it will be based on the Book of the Void books.  There is so much more in my head that didn’t come out in the first book, and yes there are more coming, I promise.  But, I am thinking of also setting up a pdf that could be used as a sourcebook for a roleplaying game that I could run or release it and let others play it as well.

I will let you all know how it goes.  It could be pretty fun.  Or be a flop.  Can’t find out until I try though, right?

Anyway, I am now off to try and get some writing done and down.  Thinking 2,000 words a day is a good idea.

Catch you all later.  And the updates will be more than once a month, I promise.


Random thoughts…and Wattpad

So, I decided to give Wattpad a try.  At the moment I am putting up Mostly Human on there, one chapter at a time here.

Though, the problem is that I will be going on a vacation to Europe, doing a cruise down the Danube.  Really looking forward to it and I will be writing while on the trip.  I don’t know how often I’ll be able to upload anything since the wifi on the boat is terrible and even sending emails is difficult.

I will give it some thought.

Hope you are all well.  I will try and update as often as I can.

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