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Day 81/ Day 21

Got a day mixed up somewhere in the 100k challenge.  Eh, happens.

So, some good news.  While doing my words today, going to make a toss up of 1500 words, I finished the first major edit of Wrath of the Empress.  Shaping up to be a good story.  I think at least.  And now, what will I do?

Going to pivot to I.S.S. Starkiller.  That doesn’t mean I am going to forget about Wrath.  I just feel that anyone who has followed all of Starkiller deserves a bit more of a break since I started that series last year and still haven’t finished it.  My plan is to do a deep dive on Starkiller, finish up all three parts in rapid succession and then release them one week after another.  And, I will then bundle it two different ways.  One will be a part 4-6 and the other will be a full six part bundle.

Giving you a preview of the last part because why not?  And, Though it says Part VI on it, I forsee that as being the cover for the actual paperback version of season one.  Plus, both the paperback and the bundles ebook version of Starkiller will have some kick ass art in them!  I have a friend doing some art for this series and when I have permission, I plan on giving you all a sneak peek.


Day 16

Day 15 wasn’t very productive, so I just going to lump everything into this entry for Day 16.  I have hit the 37.5k mark on Blood for the Empress.  I am still working on covers, yet there is one that I like and will place it here, if what I did works.

I like the vibe of this, yet I am hoping to get a spaceship in the background to take advantage of the “space opera” covers of ships.  Or I might leave it as is.  I have gotten mixed views on this from many people in the 20Booksto50K facebook group.  And, even more, mixed reviews from friend and family.  I will work it out well before the time for the book drops.

I am very close to my deadline where I will toss it to an editor and start working on Wrath of the Empress.  I am hoping to get through the rest of the book before the deadline.  Or my editor might be a bit confused towards the end fo the book.  We will find out.  Anyway, I am off to bed.

Night all.


Risen and updates…

Hey everyone.

Two things; one is that I have the first of a three-part serial called Risen.  It is a little supernatural western I have had for some time.  The first part is coming out Dec. 15th.  The next two are coming out next year, probably once a month.

I am going to put up a sample soon.

I am hard at work at the other two serials as well, which will be released earlier than Risen because…reasons.  😛  (Just didn’t plan it very well.  Happens.)

Anyway, happy reading…



New novel out…

Varnadore_VOID EMISSARY_ebook

That is right, I have finished up the first book of the Book of the Void series: Void Emissary.  There is a link to it for Amazon only.  I am trying something a little different and keeping it on Amazon and using KU and see how things go.  I will be keeping you all in the loop.  Enjoy.