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Day 16

Day 15 wasn’t very productive, so I just going to lump everything into this entry for Day 16.  I have hit the 37.5k mark on Blood for the Empress.  I am still working on covers, yet there is one that I like and will place it here, if what I did works.

I like the vibe of this, yet I am hoping to get a spaceship in the background to take advantage of the “space opera” covers of ships.  Or I might leave it as is.  I have gotten mixed views on this from many people in the 20Booksto50K facebook group.  And, even more, mixed reviews from friend and family.  I will work it out well before the time for the book drops.

I am very close to my deadline where I will toss it to an editor and start working on Wrath of the Empress.  I am hoping to get through the rest of the book before the deadline.  Or my editor might be a bit confused towards the end fo the book.  We will find out.  Anyway, I am off to bed.

Night all.


One Year…

It has been a year since I pulled out a moleskine journal, wrote the starting date of 4/20/16 and started to write about becoming a “full time” self-published writer.  I also set out a goal for myself of seven titles by the end fo the year.  And, I made it…barely.  Well, between December 31st of 2016 and Earlier this month, I have done very little writing.  Several issues have sprung up, a big one being my mother’s health.  She is not doing well and I don’t forsee her getting any better.

But, I also have to press on.  If not only for me to make a go of this writing life, but to prove that I can make a living with it.  I am going to make sure that my mother is comfortable, to support my father, but I also need to write as well.

I still plan on following through on my goal that I set at the beginning of the year.  I will push out ten new titles.  I will not be counting the re-publishing of Cryo and Void Emissary–which will be coming within the month.  But I have my eyes set on finishing the I.S.S. Starkiller Chronicles Season One, trying to get Purgatory Ghoul Season One done, get Risen finished, put out a new series called Maze Walker, and put out at least one more book for the 4Pollack series and Void Emissary.  We shall see.

It feels good to have been doing this for a year.  I have not made very much money.  But I am not doing this for the money only.  I am also doing this for the love of writing, to write and share my stories with the world at large.  And, hopefully down the road a little bit, I will get a few more pieces of eight in my pocket.


Risen and updates…

Hey everyone.

Two things; one is that I have the first of a three-part serial called Risen.  It is a little supernatural western I have had for some time.  The first part is coming out Dec. 15th.  The next two are coming out next year, probably once a month.

I am going to put up a sample soon.

I am hard at work at the other two serials as well, which will be released earlier than Risen because…reasons.  😛  (Just didn’t plan it very well.  Happens.)

Anyway, happy reading…



Writer’s Block

First off, I do not believe in such a thing as writer’s block.  I think it is an affliction many writers say they have when they are stuck or stymied and have nothing else to do.  It is an excuse for being unproductive.  And yet, at the moment I seem to be suffering from it.  Maybe it is about the future of the country, the fact I am still not a top seller on Amazon or that I’m still a chunky guy trying to lose weight.

Or about my family.  My mom recently went through surgery to fix her broken leg.  She needed a new hip since the break was so close to the hip joint.  Before the surgery, she was getting worse and worse.  She wouldn’t get up at all under her own power, she refused to even try and walk without my father or I holding her up.  And, now she is in a rehab center, and there is a part of me that doesn’t see any kind of light at the end of the tunnel.  Unless it is that on coming train.

I know I am whining a little bit, and I am sure some of you who have come here are wondering what this has to do with the next episode of I.S.S. Starkiller or Purgatory.  Well, don’t worry, I need to get this out of my system, another few days or so, then I’ll have those up and ready for you to consume.

I get like this every once and again.  Comes with the territory of being a creative.  Sometimes, you get super down on yourself for some reason that the brain likes to latch onto.  And all you want to say is “Well, I think I’ll pitch this writer thing and be an accountant.”  It’s an old joke I tell my friends  when I get like this.  Since they know for a fact I am horrible with numbers and doing that would make me want to crawl out of my skin the first ten minutes.  (This is a personal thing, I have the highest regard for people who can actually crunch numbers.)

I shall stop prattling on and try to hunker down with a book or three.  I have found that usually get me out of the funk pretty quickly.

Until next time…



I have worked the new serial in my books.

I am working on an urban fantasy with some noir overtones called Summerland.  It is a bit of a grind on me right now.  Which I hate.  Writing and re-writing are the easier portions of what I do.  Yet, I have two serials I am now working on and that will help move me away from Summerland and the grind that it is causing.

We will see.

Starkiller is free until Friday.  Purgatory is free on Smashwords.  Trying to get it on B&N and Kobo, yet not sure if I can with the cover issues.  Explain later.  But, if I get it on B&N or Kobo–and it will be free there–then it could become free on Amazon.  The first episode of this will be free, every other episode of the season will be about $1.99, same with Starkiller.  Once I have wrapped the first season of the two serials, I will offer a compilation for about $5.99, which will include all six episodes.


New novel out…

Varnadore_VOID EMISSARY_ebook

That is right, I have finished up the first book of the Book of the Void series: Void Emissary.  There is a link to it for Amazon only.  I am trying something a little different and keeping it on Amazon and using KU and see how things go.  I will be keeping you all in the loop.  Enjoy.




Cryo is done

Cryo is done.  Well, almost done.  I have to wait for betas readers to get back to me about any changes, which will take some time.  It does look like I won’t make the May 22nd deadline.  But that isn’t an issue, not really.  Amazon will boot me from their pre-order program for a year.  I think I can survive that.  Going to work on something else, hoping to get some words down for the urban fantasy noir.  Will put up an excerpt from Cryo very soon.



I have been having an issue with technology.  My computer, the one I usually use had something go wrong with the motherboard.  So, I have finally gotten a new computer, sorta.  Using my father’s until he gets one.  Which means I get a computer pretty much free.  So, that is a plus.  I am trying to transfer all of my data and that will take a bit.

But that also means I was working blind.  So, I worked on a new project, no idea when it will there.  I will be continuing my work on Cryo and I will keep you all updated.

In the mean time, I now have covers for both Cryo and Mostly Human which I love.  I used Domi here.  She is dating, I think, Simon on the rocking selfpublishing podcast.  She is great to work with.  And, hey she does some great work.


Draft Zero

Awhile ago, I was reading a book on writing fantasy.  I can’t remember the title off hand, I will try and find it online later. It was from Terry Pratchett , beyond that, I can’t remember.  Anyway, one of the things I took away from the book is to write something called a Draft Zero.  This is before the first draft, the ones you give to your alpha or beta readers.  This is one only for yourself.  Something that has most, not all, of the scenes and it feels right to you that the manuscript is complete.  After that has been done, then you go back, work on it and then you have your first draft, the one you expose to others.

Why am I talking about this?  Well, earlier today, I was able to finish the last bit of my draft zero for Cryo.  It clocks in at about 18,500 words.  About sixty six pages using Microsoft Word.  Not to bad for something I started ten days ago.  What will I do now?  I’m going to print it out and edit by hand.  It is the only way I know for a fact that I will catch more of mistakes than if I just keep it on the computer.  (Plus, I want a hard copy in case this computer dies for some reason.  Not saying it will, just want a bit of security.)

What will I be doing now?   Glad you asked.

Wake up tomorrow and try to do some writing in the morning.  This will be for my urban fantasy noir called Summerland.)

Print out the draft of Cryo, start to edit it during the day.

Later, write more of Summerland.

Edit Cryo.

Lathe, rinse and repeat.

When I am done with a draft zero of Summerland, I should have enough of the draft edited–if not all of it–and will start to work on the re-write.  I do have the June 1st deadline hanging over my head.  (Well, a bit earlier since Amazon wants a ‘updated’ version of Cryo by the 22nd of May.  Also, waiting for the both of April to start work on the Cryo cover.  The one I have is a placeholder and is NOT the final version.

I will write again soon to keep you all up-to-date.  And, I am announcing a little deal.  Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you a sneak peak of Cryo when I have a better version ready…should be in about a week.


Also, I finally got the Contact Me form going on.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a comment.


Mostly Human

Last October I published my first novel, Mostly Human on Amazon’s Kindle.  It has not been a giant success.  However, I am hoping with this new author site and the promise of more books 4Pollack, there will be an uptick in sales.

Due to me being very non-savvy with computers and code, my contact form for this blog isn’t working yet.  I hope to get that issue fixed soon.  Until then, follow me on one of the three platforms to the left of this post, check out my novel if you haven’t already and stop by once and again.

Also, join my newsletter so you can be kept up to date with all of my work.