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Well, that didn’t work out…

Tried NaNoWriMo and got about 13k of words done.  Most of them in a new series I am working on that I am hoping to get done by mid-Jan.  I have been dodging the need to edit it because if I don’t work on it, it can’t fail, right?  But, I am working on it now, finally.  Short update I know, but there will more soon.


Long time, no blog…NaNoWriMo Day 1

As what usually happens, I get into a story or something and I forget to update the blog.  I am going to try and keep up every day…

Things slowed down to a crawl and then a stop.  I do have an edit of Wrath of the Empress, yet it is on the floor at the moment and I was struck with an idea to start a fantasy novel.  I have done the first draft and I am trying to get that banged into some kind of shape since I want to try and submit it to a small press that is open starting today.  I have until the last day in 2017, so I am hoping it happens.

I have also become a devourer of the Critical Role podcast/youtube thing.  I am a big gamer and it is an amazing show.  I highly recommend it to all gamers of any stripe.

Also, I have started NaNoWriMo for the month of November.  Which means I am trying to crank out ANOTHER novel of some kind for later use.  No idea what it is, but today’s pages were odd.  I might use it for something.  Not sure yet.  Going to try and update every day, as I said.  But, next week I am going to on a small writing conference thing in New Orleans.  Writing yet ANOTHER book for a collaboration thing.  Keep you up to date on that.

Also, I have over 300 comments on one post.  I might go and delete them instead of trying to read through all.  If this happens to yours, I am sorry and you can curse me out in another post comment.  Not saying I will delete them, I just feel like I might…

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 1702

Until next time…


Current WIPs and Day 8 on the Challenge

So, I am working on he Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy still.  I haven’t written much here since I’ve just been plucking away at the novellas.

But then, I stumbled into a bit of a rabbit hole with this idea of “raypunk.”  A kind of catch-all category of writing.  There is a bit of science fantasy in it, like my Void Emissary series.  And there is also the retro pulp sci-fi of the 1930’s-50’s, ray guns and jet packs.

So, I started to write something.  And I have come up with two things at the moment.  One is very 1930’s sci-fi serial.  Working Title is Rick Tavish, Space Ranger!  I think you know where it is going.  Think of a pulp serial like Space Patrol with dashes of Edgar Rice Burroughs and sprinkles of X Minus One (the old radio show.)  The other is much more Heavy Metal, very light on the science very heavy on the fantasy.

Don’t know if they will go anywhere.  And I am already on the second novella, working on the notes that I print out and then fill with so much red pen marks it looks like an ax murderer’s cleaning cloth.

So, we will find out what will happen I guess.  Only o Day 8 and I ALREADY have a draft edited for the first one?  WOW!  I am kinda shocked.


Also, I might think about posting a piece of the raypunkon here once and again.  Give you all a taste of it.


So, did something again…

First good news!  If you bought the first bundle of Starkiller and don’t want to buy all of it, there is a part two that finally came out.  (First time it has taken more than eight hours.  This one took a day and a half to finally upload to Amazon for some reason.)  But anyway…Part two bundle is out!



I am excited that it is fully out.  I will also be putting out a bound form with a little extra!  It will have some art from a friend that was happy to create two pieces of art.  It will be a short book, yet I am looking forward to trying it and also going to try the Kindle printer this time instead of going through CreateSpace.


In other news, I am trying my hand at the Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy again.  I might have mentioned it before.  But, today is Day 1 for me.  And I HAVE NOTHING!!!!!

I thought I’d do a continuation of Starkiller.  I have some notes for those titles, yet nothing is popping yet.  It could just be first-day anxiety, but who knows.  I might try for a post apocalyptic series I have been kicking around.  But again, who knows.  I am just starting the project.  There will be more as it progresses.


Starkiller is done…

Well, Season One is done.  Haha.

This will be coming out once the last three parts of the series are out.  Currently waiting for Amazon to finish up its “publishing thing.”  Once I get the thumbs up, I will be announced here and everywhere else…And hoping to get the box set for all six very soon as well.

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six



So working on the box set, I discovered I didn’t have part three saved…anywhere in its complete form.  I had to find the edited copy before I changed a few things.  So feverishly working on getting that done so I can have the box set out by tonight or tomorrow.



Box set is up as well.


Mostly Human is now on Audible.

Woke up today to find that Mostly Human was finally out as an audio book.  I am happy I have been able to get this book out in as many forms as possible.  It has been an interesting road for this book.  One day I will tell the whole sorted story.

But the other bit of news is that I am going to be working on another Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy thing.  Howver…it won’t be as crazy as I tried last time.  Last time, I was trying to write three novels and a reader magnet.  Full novels, to get them published as I finished them.  We saw how well that went, :-P.  I am STILL working on book two of the series…sigh.

This time around, I am only working on the first drafts of these books.  I will be shooting for publishing in January.

And the series?

Well, they are in the Starkiller world.  So, for all of those who love the series, by Jan, there will be three more books to read.  I might drop one earlier if it gets done and I like it.  And yes you read that right, I am going to release all three at once.


Part Five of Starkiller is in the bag!

Meaning that Starkiller is now in the hands of my editor.

Now, I have to look at two paths.  One is to finish the damn series with part six.  The other is to take a slight break and edit a bit more of Wrath.  Of course the big thing is that I need to crash out soon because I am helping a neighbor and I’m going all the way to downtown L.A. for it.  This is going to be a LOOOOONNNGGGGGG day.



This was suppose to posted last night, fell asleep and just now posting.  I apologize.

I have also finished a draft of Part Six.  And worked on a few pages of Wrath.  So, I will be finishing six tonight or tomorrow.


Been thinking…

Been thinking things over recently.  Yes, it did hurt, thank you. 😛

I am hard at work with the next in the trilogy, Wrath of the Empress.  And, I also need to focus on that and that alone for the next few weeks.

Once that has been edited, read and re-read, I might take a bit of time off of all things social media.  It will be tough, but I am going to try.  I want to focus much more on writing.  Need to finish up a few serials that I have in the pipeline and at the moment, I can’t do that while at the moment.

Or I might change my mind at the last minute like I do often.  Eh, I’m just rambling at the moment…


Day 73/ Day 12

Well, thanks to the way I first used keywords, I lost most of the day trying to get Blood for the Empress on Amazon.  However, it is finally there!

So, get it while you can for cheap.  Once Game of Thrones premier is over PST, I shall be raising the price to $2.99.  And yes, Wrath is being worked on and hoping to get it out before the end of August.

If you want to get in on it, might I suggest going here first.  It will only cost you an email, and I promise I won’t use it for spam.  Just to keep you updated with all of the scribblings and books when they come out.



Update:Starkiller and other news

I haven’t stopped the challenge, just haven’t had anything to post for the last two days.  I promise Janus City and the Empress series are moving forward.

However, I wanted to set those aside for a bit to try and push out part three of I.S.S. Starkiller.  I did.  And, the first three are bundled together.  Here you can find a link for the bundle.

That is all…back to writing.

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