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More updates…

Hey all, just a quick update.

I am almost done with Part Five of Starkiller.  After that, I am splitting my time between Part Six and Wrath of the Empress.  I might put up the first bit from Wrath sometime this weekend.  I will tell you when Part Six is done and when all three are out for purchase.


Update on things…

Hey all.  I have been keeping my head down and writing as much as I can.  My current plans are to finish up Starkiller parts four-six by the end of next week and get the out the door in short order.  And then, a deep dive into Wrath of the Empress for the rest of August.  So, might push back the publishing time to Sept.  Not sure, but we will see.

Now, for the covers.  I already have the ones for Part Four-Six.  I will show them off slowly.


Hello all!

Been working in the word mines most of the day and thought I’d pop up and give a get update on things.

First off, enough of you have pushed this writer to the top of three markets.  Granted, they are the free top one or two.  But the top is still pretty damn nice!

Might be kinda hard to read, but Void Emissary is number 2 in the Amazon Kindle books of Alien Invasion.  I think that is pretty nice!  I am going to be working on the sequel.  I won’t be able to get to it until I have finished up the Empress Trilogy, but trust me, right after Tears of the Empress has been sent to the editor, I shall head to Book Two of Void Emissary and start to plunge away at those word mines.

Also, I have worked out a few things in my head and scribbled away on a big yellow legal pad.  I have mapped out the titles I am going to work on until March of ’18.  August is set in stone what I am going to work on, September, there is a bit of wiggle room with what series I will work on, yet the book will be Tears.

What do I mean?  Well, I realize I have four series that are various stages of completion.  And I even started another one last month, because I am an idiot…The plan now is to finish one series in a month.  So, say within the week I get the rest of Starkiller set to my editor guy and he turns it back to me in that same week.  The plan is to start sending it out one a week until the end of the month.  Or I might just get antsy and push all of them out on the same day.

In September, I am going to go into a bit of a hermitage and finish Tears but also finish up Risen, my supernatural western.

October, slated to write Void Emissary Book II and finish up Purgatory.

November, at the moment, the third 4Pollack novel, Mindjob I think, and the rest of Janus City.

Then, next year, I will be going back to one of my first loves, fantasy, and writing and releasing two series of books, which I will tell you about when I have more of it written instead of vague idea months from now.


A decision has been made…And update on Starkiller Bundle

First off, I have decided to take a small break from working on Wrath.  Probably the weekend and a day.  Monday is my birthday so I might take that day off.  Or not because I want to keep working on something.

I will be working on Janus City and Starkiller for the next few days.

I also have dropped the price of the bundle of Starkiller Part 1-3.  It is currently on sale for $0.99.  It will last until August 7th.

Also, Void Emissary is free until the 7th as well.

And yes, I am currently in the works of writing a sequel to Void Emissary, which I hope to get out before the end of the year.

My current plans are as follows…

Until the 7th of August, work on getting Janus City Part II and Starkiller Part Four out asap.

From the 8th until 20th, work on and turn Wrath of the Empress out.

21st to the 31st, work on Tears of the Empress and the unknown title of Void Emissary II.

Then, in Sept, really pull back into my little writing hermitage and just write and write and write.  By the end of September, I hope to have Tears and Void Emissary II done as well as the skeleton of a series of urban fantasies.  And maybe the spine of an epic fantasy as well.

Why a series for urban fantasy?  Well, I have to say I have been flailing about with sci-fi.  I love it, and always will.  I am not saying urban fantasy or epic is going to do me any favors.  Yet, I want to try and get a few books int he series written instead of dribbling them out once a year or twice a year as I have done with my other books.  I have written, tossed them up and not really done anything to help move things forward.  If I have, say four urban fantasy books written, edited, covers and even some ads ready to go and I pull the trigger, every month dropping another book in the series, I will–hopefully–build up an audience and readers who will look at my catalog on Amazon and read my other stuff.  And hope to pull in more of my thousand true fans.

In November will tell you all now, I will be in Chicago for a day, then heading down to New Orleans.  I might have told you this all before.  But I am joining a few other indie authors and hoping that by the time this confab is over on the 10th of November, the group of indies will have a book or the first draft of a book, that we will send out and sell.  Keep you all updated on that as well.

And I wish to thank you all for continuing to read the blog.


Work(s) in Progress

So, I am going to do something with this post.

There are currently four different work in progress, from hence forth referred to as WIPs, pieces I am working on.  I will also give you a sample of each of them:

Wrath of the Empress:

Jonica felt the wind on her face and smiled. She hadn’t felt this free in a long time. She took a deep breath and felt that something was amiss. The air was dry and thin and her body felt numb. She tried to grab onto the cockpit frame, to brace herself and she felt nothing. Her eyes snapped open and she realized she wasn’t in the Runner, wasn’t flying through the fields, and wasn’t even in a ship. She plummeted towards the red orange sand of Mars without anything except the clothes on her back.

“Slag! Where in the Pit am I!”

Her arms and legs started to work, pumping around trying to move around, flailing around, trying to do something. She knew was going to die. A chunk of debris shot by her, a firey and smoking bit of the Bloody Bitch’s ship.

“At least I got the pod out. Meph might find someone,” she whispered to herself.

Skygirl, you are safe.



“What?” Jonica came to in the crash webbing of the grav-chair of Zas’ ship. She flailed around for a moment, coming out of the Gate sleep suspension. She wasn’t sure why Zas demanded that they do that. But, that was the deal. And for her left hand to be whole and for Lyra to be safe, she had to do what Zas said. She hoped that Lyra and Meph were safe on Poveglia.


Janus City Part Two:

Once outside of the complex, I turned to business. Finding Kenneth’s leg. Soon as the thought came to me, there was a soft orange glow that settled over the glasses and I saw a ribbon of orange extend out away from me. The glasses wouldn’t solve the case for me. But, they were keyed to his DNA and would lead me to where he lived and his daily routine.

There was a danger if I ran into Kenneth, hence the reason I told him to stay home. Otherwise, I’d end up blind. Or worse. The perks of the job I guess.

I wondered to the cable car and hopped on. One good thing about the cable cars was the price. Anyone could ride one anywhere in Janus City. One of the few perks of the city. There was an elf sitting by himself, or herself, you never know with the Fae. And this elf was one of the “heavies.” It had become part of this world more than say, Moira or Mick. They could head back to the Fae whenever they wanted. Granted, I knew both of them would prefer to die than ever go back and deal with the Shadow Court.

The elf looked haunted, his eyes sunken and clung to a thick wooden blanket which he wrapped tight around himself. The thing that drew my attention to the elf in the first place was the orange hued aura around him when I got on. He was connected to Kenneth and his missing leg.



Starkiller Chronicle Part Four:

Garret looked at the two Eridani and smirked. “So, what to tell me why I shouldn’t kill you where you stand?”

“Peace, peace, peace…” one of them said, over and over. His spindly arms were up and quivering with effort.

Garret nodded. “Alright, relax. I won’t kill you. Yet. But, if you think I’m going to let you off, you are mistaken. I want to know what the hell is going on?”

The two Eridani cocked their heads to one side. Garret shook his head. “Thought the Eridani were suppose to be smart.”

“They are,” a voice said from behind him. “Humans, usually aren’t.”

Garret turned to see an Eridani that stood over six foot. His thick barrel chest was smooth and rippled with muscle. In his hands was a nasty looking pistol. “I suggest you put your weapon down. From what I understand, they don;t need all of you to make this experiment work.”

“What are you talking about?” Garret asked, making sure to point his weapon down.

“Blaster on the ground, please,” the Eridani said. He smiled and it was more creepy than Garret thought an Eridani could be.

He dropped his weapon with a clatter.



I looked at the scumbag in the seat across the desk from me. He gave me his normal smile, without his fangs. “Look, Nash, you know I’m good for it,” Pyke said while dry washing his hands. He opened his mouth, closed it, working his lips for a moment to not fumble his words. “Really, I mean–”

“Uh huh, tell me another.” I held a small silver dagger in my hand, giving him a raised eyebrow. The Witch-Eye flared up, seeing the aura of black around Pyke. It would be black, Pyke’s a vampire after all.

His eyes flicked outside to the window.   I’d purposely left the screen open to make the vampire twitch a little. “Can we hurry this up? I need to get back home.” Best thing is to show them you know what can hurt them, start from a position of strength. Only thing fangheads respond too.

“I still want my money, Pyke,” I said, “Then we can hurry this along.”

“I truly hate that nickname, Nash. Please you know I’m good for it.” Pyke’s voice fumbled back to a slight Irish lilt with the word “hate.”

I continued to give him the cocked eyebrow. “And when can I expect the payment if I do let you go now?”

“Next week.”

I did some math tricks in my head. “Isn’t that when your ancestor’s going to be revived?”


Wasn’t that fun?  Now, it is almost 3 am where I am, so I am going to crash.  But, if anyonre has something to say, please don’t hesitate to send me a message on here.  Thank you for reading.


Been thinking…

Been thinking things over recently.  Yes, it did hurt, thank you. 😛

I am hard at work with the next in the trilogy, Wrath of the Empress.  And, I also need to focus on that and that alone for the next few weeks.

Once that has been edited, read and re-read, I might take a bit of time off of all things social media.  It will be tough, but I am going to try.  I want to focus much more on writing.  Need to finish up a few serials that I have in the pipeline and at the moment, I can’t do that while at the moment.

Or I might change my mind at the last minute like I do often.  Eh, I’m just rambling at the moment…


Ah a new month

I know I didn’t get a post out with the end of the countdown.  I did screw up the count anyway because I can’t use a flipping calendar for some reason.  😛

Anyway, we enter into August.  I will be turning 39 very soon.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I mean, I can’t stop it from happening…and I do feel a bit more comfortable in my skin as a person than I have for some time.


I am hoping that by the middle of the month I will have Wrath of the Empress done.  It is currently about 60 percent done.  I will be going back to work on it later today.

Also, I am setting up a free five day plan for Void EmissaryIt will start tomorrow and go until my birthday.

But the big news is that the audio book for Mostly Human is ALMOST done…I am waiting for my narrator to get back to me on a few small changes and then it will be out.  I am going to put up the cover for the audio book.  It has the name of my narrator.  Does a good job as well, in my opinion.

I am off to try and get some writing done.  Hope you all have a good day.


Day 87/Day 28 And Lucky 13…

Hello all.  I think I’ve gone past my date of starting…one sec…

Yeah, so I was WAYYYYYYY off.  My challenge stopped on July 22nd.  Oh well…

So, the Three Novels in Three months did not go according to plan.  I did get one book done, which is out now.  I also have a more fleshed out “Draft Zero” of the second book, Wrath of the Empress, and that is waiting for me to tackle when I wake up.  I also have notes, which will grow I am sure as I work on Wrath and things will be pushed to Tears of the Empress.

I also have a new (sorta) book out.  It is Void Emissary: Book of the Void Part One.  I know it is a long title.  Th shorter one is just Void Emissary.

But this is sorta new and sorta not.  I did publish this about a year ago.  But, I pulled it since it wasn’t fully ready and needed a bit of a re-write.  Now that that is done, I have republished it and hoping to get some people interested in it.

Also, that brings my total number of titles I have published to 13.  Yes, lucky number 13.  We will see how this one goes.

Starting tomorrow, I will probably stop the Day ?? totally, since I haven’t done a word count in a long time.  I will keep one, just in case.  But, we will see.


Day 86/ Day 26

Hello again all of those who read this blog of brain droppings…which is probably not many…or is and you are all quiet.  Who knows.  😛

I am currently working on something else that is not part of the Empress series.  I have talked about it on here and hocked it on here.  It is called Void Emissary.  It was up for a long time, then I pulled it when I realized how bad it was.  It needed a serious polish.  And, that is what I am currently doing.

And, when I am done with it I am also going to start the process to get a print copy of it as well.  And I will give you all a notice when that happens.  And, going to shoot for an audio book as well…

I’d forgotten how much I loved this book and wished to continue with it.  And I am still a little shocked I was able to write such a long book so quickly.  It was about a year ago, I had just watched Chris Fox talk about writing a book in 21 days.  I made that commitment and had a big stick to help.  If you follow me at all on twitter or have found me on Facebook, I am not a fan of Trump.  I used him as a stick.  I said if I didn’t have the novel written, and up on Amazon KU in 21 days, I’d give $500 to his campaign.

I did not give money to his campaign.  It wasn’t a pretty book.  And, I was all set to start the next one when I went on vacation.  Beautiful thing, down the Danube.  However, that was also when my mother had a bad fall and she has never been the same since.  I will go into that at a later date.

Suffice to say, the Book of the Void was delayed and delayed.  And I just let it fall by the wayside.

But now, because my brain likes to try and shirk work, and I kinda took a week off from working on Wrath, well I found my hand edited copy of it and have been slowly slogging through it the past day or so.  I’m on page 120 of it, out of about 290 pages.  So, close to half way done.

And, there is one character that is much like Meph in the Empress Trilogy…in fact, there are many parallels between this book and the trilogy.  Both are very adventurous and not very hard sci-fi.  Much softer and in the case of Void Emissary, I’d say down right fantasy oriented.  That character, by the way, is Toph.  There is a lot to love about this sarcastic, snarky cat-like creature.

Anyway, I am going to hit the word mines again.  Keep you all informed when it is done.  Since it has already gone through several editing phases, I am just going to plug away at the corrections, then pop it back up on Amazon.  Not sure if I am going to make it wide or keep it in KU for awhile.  We will see.


Day 85/ Day 25

Well, I am five days away from the end of the 90 day three months to a trilogy challenge.  And it has been a spectacular mess for the most part.

Yes, I got the first of the trilogy done.  It is selling well, and right now until the 27th, it is completely free…

And it is number 13 in Space Opera! Woot!!  Granted, it is #13 in the free category, but I’ll take what I can get.  Exposure is exposure…

Now, I just need some reviews…

The unfortunate stuff is that I have the draft zero of Wrath of the Empress which is sitting on my desk waiting for me to start the rewrite.  And Tears is a handful of pages at the moment.

But, I am also trying to finish up the military sci-fi serial Starkiller and releasing something new later today…if Amazon clears it soon.  I will provide a link when it is up.  The Something new I can tell you about.

It is this…

It is the first of all of my serials and the first of my series for 4Pollack.  A “starter set” of sorts.

If you haven’t picked any of them up, give it a look see.  It would be great if you did.

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