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Day 56/Day 23

Got about 2,520 words down for the challenge.  I am slowly working on Wrath and jotting down ideas for possible future works.  Not very much to say beyond that.  Trying to get as much written as possible.

I heard from one of my beta readers already.  Which is good.  She liked it, even though she thought it started out as Star Wars fanfic…HAHA!  Waiting a little bit longer before I try and start the editing process myself.  I know there are really about five scenes I need to connect and many typos.  But, beyond that, it is shaping up to be ready to go soon…


Day 55/Day 22

Hey all…just a quick update.

I’m hard at work again on Wrath, trying to get more of it done before the deadline.  Waiting to hear back from the beta readers.  Not trying to rush any of them at all!  Just know I need to get something more down for Wrath.  I will be working on Cryo more as a way to get my mind off of the Empress Trilogy when I need to.  But, for now I am back to the trilogy.

I have 2,296 words so far today.  I also have about thirty minutes or so before midnight.  So, I shall end it here.  With a little glimpse of the bookcover, I will be using for Wrath of the Empress…



Day 55/Day 20

Well, no writing today.  I might try for a few words before midnight, but for the most part, this was a day of getting my ass kicked by my trainer and been resting.  Haven’t been feeling like doing much except veg on the couch and nod off.  Ye,t it is now late and I am wide awake.  I have always been a night owl.

Just a short update, I am going to watch Deadpool and maybe tap out a few words.  Longer post tomorrow.  Promise.

But, because I like to promote…why not head over to Amazon and check out I.S.S. Starkiller Chronicle Part 1-3, link here.  I’d be grateful if you did.


Day 54/Day 19

Well, I have sent out a bunch of copies to various beta readers.  Going to wait another day or so to start the edit myself.  And, I have gone to createspace and currently awaiting the bound copy to be sent to me so I can edit it that way.  Looking forward to trying this method.

What am I doing int he mean time?  Why glad you asked!  I am going back to working on my long overdue rewrite of the sequel to Mostly Human…Cryo.

I know a few people who are looking forward to having a chance to get it and read it.  I stalled on editing it, for several reasons.  But, now that I have some breathing room, even though I should be working on the second book of the trilogy, I am going to get my mind out of it for a few days.

Anyway…I am going back to the edit…here is the book cover of Cryo by the way…



Day 53/Day 18

Well, a few moments ago, I started the process to send out my lasted draft to beta readers and to make a CreateSpace book for myself to look at and edit.  It should be done soon and then it will be on the way for me to check it out and probably mercilessly tear apart.

Did get more words out.  Obviously.  I did 7,633 today.  Took a chunk out of the deficit, yet not entirely.  Still, it is a good feeling.  And now going to watch the season finale of Amercian Gods and then knock out because I have to take some friends to the airport early…


Day 52/Day 17

If you are paying attention, I skipped forward a day for the 100k challenge since I started it on the first of June, so somewhere I lost a day.  Oh well…I’m an English major, sue me.

Well, on the writing front, 4,200 words today.  And I will be writing pretty much all day tomorrow, so I am looking forward to a very large word count.  Though, looking at my deficit, I’m going to need a few 10k days to make it up.  Or at least many more 5k days.

Close to wrapping up writing on Blood for the Empress.  Which is such a good feeling. Earlier today, I had to fight a sinking feeling of “Oh just end it now, make it a bunch of novellas.”  Not what I originally wanted to do and plus, it would kinda be what they did with Lord of the Rings, just chopping the one big book into three smaller books.

So, I have taken long enough to blah blah about writing.  I am going to try and get in another hour or so of writing before I knock out.  And should be getting more writing done today…hoping for 10k!  Woot!!!


Day 52/ Day 15

I think my days on the 100k Challenge are off.  Should be Day 16…hmmm.  Anyway…

So, for you sharp eyedfolk, you will see there is no chapter of Janus City.  This is because I have run out of steam…for the moment.  I have turned my attention to forcing myself to finish at least the most recent draft of Blood for the Empress.  It is my hope that I will get it done, well to a decent degree for some beta readers.  Will start asking for a few of those soon.

Also, I have really punched forward on the 100k challege today.  Got 4k words done.  Hoping to push it to 5k tomorrow.  Or Sunday.  Or maybe get 10k tomorrow if I can’t write Sat.  Or whatever…

Just wanted to make sure to tell you all that I did drop a bundle on Amazon.  It is the first three books of the Starkiller Chronicle series.  Below is the cover for it.  I know have already posted it, but doesn’t hurt to post it again.

Since I don’t have a Janus City update for you, I am going ot let you all get back to reading, writing, working, sleeping or whatever it is you are doing.  Talk later.



Day 51/ Day 14/ Chapter 12

Hello all.

So, fifty-one days into this three month trilogy challenge.  I am doubtful I will make the complete thing, yet I will have most of Blood ready and working on Wrath throughout the month.  I am sure by August I will have a the other two ready to go.  Though, I do know I might step away from the trilogy to work on something else for a time to help me keep fresh.  It is my process and it is weird, but it is mine.

I have thirteen pages left of Blood and then I enter re-writing territory.  That I look forward to more than editing.  Editing is what I see as the vegetables of writing.  You HAVE to eat them, you HAVE to edit your manuscript.  It is a given.  Writing, that first draft, that is freedom.  That is dessert.  Re-writing is the meat and potatoes.  It’s the true meal of writing.  As the saying goes, “Writing is re-writing.”

Have I learned about the process more with these two concurrent challenges?  Yes I have.  One is that if I have a deadline, I will do everything in my power to avoid it until it is too late, see graphic below.  But, that is par for the course.  Two is that if I have a word count for the day, I will power through it as much as possible, but I sometimes have the attention span of a gnat and I can’t focus on one project.  Hence you all get to read the brain droppings that is Janus City.



Speaking of which…onward to Januc City…



Janus City Chapter 12

Typhon had heard the name somewhere. He looked at Grenden. Who is that?

Grendel chuckled. “I feel a little tremble on my chest. So you must be trying to talk to me. Haha. Not going to help. I will assume you are asking who it is. She is a woman who has stolen something from me. Something I very much wish to get back.”

Typhon narrowed his eyes. This is going to go nowhere. He hated what he was about to do. He worked saliva into his mouth, feeling the scars on the interior. He took breath and asked, “What did she steal?”

“Ahh, so you can speak Typhon. I had heard it was bit of a mystery if you could or not.”

“Not something I like to do.” He let out a low growl, his throat hurting from such a long time with disuse.

“I see. To your question, Typhon. She stole a piece of art work. Nothing to concern yourself with. I simply want her to be found and held for me to subject her to my own, hee, punishment.”


Grenden smirked. “I am willing to offer you ten thousand for the finding of this Roxanne List.”

Typhoon walked closer to the large fleshy man and stuck out his hand. Ten thousand was enough for some time. He might even afford a ticket to Westside for a few days, spend some time at Eden Falls. “Deal.”

Grenden wrapped his fat hand around Typhon’s slender one and the Grenden jolted forms he contact. “What was that?”

“You made a deal, a contract,” Typhon said, moving his neck back and forth, his voice stronger. He stood up straighter and felt a renewed energy flood his body. Grenden collapsed back into the chair, weak as a kitten. “What…what did you—“

He was gasping, unable to speak completely. Typhon smirked. His tongue felt along his mouth and he felt the scars fading. “You made a deal in Eastside, Mr. Grenden. You said you knew what I am. You don’t. I will find this woman of you. But, you aren’t going anywhere. You won’t be able to move until I return with your item.”


“I have taken your energy, a piece of your soul. You are going to help me with this case and I know exactly where you are while I am out and about.” He let out a sigh.  He stretched out his back, cracked his neck moving it back and forth a few times and then turned to walk away.

“You mean I am stuck?”

“Most assuredly,” Typhon said as he wlaked out the door.


Day 50/ Day 13/ Chapter 11

Well, there went that streak of having my chapter and my 100k challenge day being the same number.  Oh well.

Last two days I have been taking it easy.  Haven’t written much, in fact at all.  But I did go out and have fun, and also stayed home and loafed around and recharged the old writing juices.

Today’s current total is 1,825 words.  And it is only 9:45 where I am.  So, I will be getting there for the day.  I am over 19k words in the hole.  But, still going to push forward with the challenge anyway.  It is fun.

I shall be going back to it after I post this blog entry.  So, until next time, another episode of Janus City…



Typhon stopped. He closed his eyes a second and tried to focus on the thought. He felt the strong surge of hate for a long moment, searching for the source. The rain started to fall, steady hard rain that Typhoon hated since it distorted his power, his gift.

The surge of hate vanished.

Dammit. He was stuck. Part of him wanted to wait again of the angry thought, someone wanted to kill people. It wasn’t a new thought, Typhon knew. He himself wished he could kill the city at times. Ye,t there wasn’t the spike of sudden anger in this thought. This was a deep hate for the world at large. Something that wanted to act on that hatred.

It was also something that he could usually track. Yet, the rain helped to retard his ability. And it would only get worse. Defeated for the moment, he went inside. Opening the door, he was knocked to the side by a teen girl as she rushed past him. She was thick, blue and pink hair flaring around her as she rushed past Typhon. She gave him a dirty look and walked off into the rain.

Typhon shook his head and walked into his apartment complex. He checked his mail, gave a nod to his neighbour Mrs. Gertz. She had been dead for five years, wasn’t a rez job. She was a ghost that still believed it was alive. Which happened often in Eastside.
He kept going up the stairs three flights to his small room. The door had been broken open. He frowned and concentrated, nobody was inside. He opened his door and found his small place had been ransacked. It was dark, and when he righted the lamp and switched it on, he was shocked to find a man sitting his chair, a smile on his flesh round face.

“Hello Typhon, I can see you are surprised I was able to be here?”

Typhon glared at the man.

“Yes, I also know about your small issue with not being able to talk,” the man said. “My name is Grenden. And, before you stress yourself more, this is the reason you couldn’t hear me.” Grendel took a thick meaty hand and pulled out a small pendant from under his shirt. The gray suited man smirked when Typhon’s eyes fell upon it.

“Yes, it is a mind shield. Not an inexpensive item.” He let out a small laugh. “Now, please have a seat on that wretched thing you call a couch.”

Typhon smirked at the man. He liked the couch. It was a paisley thing that was overstuffed and extremely comfortable. He flopped down on it, then looked at Grenden.

“I need you to find someone for me. Her name is Roxanne List.”


Update:Starkiller and other news

I haven’t stopped the challenge, just haven’t had anything to post for the last two days.  I promise Janus City and the Empress series are moving forward.

However, I wanted to set those aside for a bit to try and push out part three of I.S.S. Starkiller.  I did.  And, the first three are bundled together.  Here you can find a link for the bundle.

That is all…back to writing.

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