After a long hiatus, I am going to try and get on this blog at least a few times a week.  Though, I will also be immersing myself in the writing of a trilogy that I started back in December.

I am currently working on a science fantasy trilogy, though it will expand to at least seven or ten parts in total.  The first three books are called the Awaken Trilogy.  As you can see by following the link, it will lead you to my pre-order.  Yes, I have not finished, yet I am putting a deadline up.  I have three months to finish writing, editing and revising.  If not, I will pull it and any money spent to get this trilogy will be returned to you.  And I will not be able to do a pre-order for another year.  Not a deal breaker, yet it is something I have to keep an eye on.

So, what is it about?  Well, if you must know, a young man named Jax awakens to find himself with no memory.  He soon finds that he has something called an Affinity.  A fancy term for magic.  And, the enemy he fights is an ancient evil.  Dragons!

Anyway, I am going to go for now.  Attempt to finish up some revisions of book two and three.  That is the other thing.  I will also put out each book out separately.  If I can’t finish all three books by May 8th, which is the cut off for me to have a proper manuscript downloaded into Amazon, I will at least put up book one and finish up book two and three.  And, either start on four after or try and finish up one of the many other stories I have started and not finished yet.

Until next time…