So, I am working on he Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy still.  I haven’t written much here since I’ve just been plucking away at the novellas.

But then, I stumbled into a bit of a rabbit hole with this idea of “raypunk.”  A kind of catch-all category of writing.  There is a bit of science fantasy in it, like my Void Emissary series.  And there is also the retro pulp sci-fi of the 1930’s-50’s, ray guns and jet packs.

So, I started to write something.  And I have come up with two things at the moment.  One is very 1930’s sci-fi serial.  Working Title is Rick Tavish, Space Ranger!  I think you know where it is going.  Think of a pulp serial like Space Patrol with dashes of Edgar Rice Burroughs and sprinkles of X Minus One (the old radio show.)  The other is much more Heavy Metal, very light on the science very heavy on the fantasy.

Don’t know if they will go anywhere.  And I am already on the second novella, working on the notes that I print out and then fill with so much red pen marks it looks like an ax murderer’s cleaning cloth.

So, we will find out what will happen I guess.  Only o Day 8 and I ALREADY have a draft edited for the first one?  WOW!  I am kinda shocked.


Also, I might think about posting a piece of the raypunkon here once and again.  Give you all a taste of it.