First good news!  If you bought the first bundle of Starkiller and don’t want to buy all of it, there is a part two that finally came out.  (First time it has taken more than eight hours.  This one took a day and a half to finally upload to Amazon for some reason.)  But anyway…Part two bundle is out!



I am excited that it is fully out.  I will also be putting out a bound form with a little extra!  It will have some art from a friend that was happy to create two pieces of art.  It will be a short book, yet I am looking forward to trying it and also going to try the Kindle printer this time instead of going through CreateSpace.


In other news, I am trying my hand at the Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy again.  I might have mentioned it before.  But, today is Day 1 for me.  And I HAVE NOTHING!!!!!

I thought I’d do a continuation of Starkiller.  I have some notes for those titles, yet nothing is popping yet.  It could just be first-day anxiety, but who knows.  I might try for a post apocalyptic series I have been kicking around.  But again, who knows.  I am just starting the project.  There will be more as it progresses.