Woke up today to find that Mostly Human was finally out as an audio book.  I am happy I have been able to get this book out in as many forms as possible.  It has been an interesting road for this book.  One day I will tell the whole sorted story.

But the other bit of news is that I am going to be working on another Twelve Weeks to a Trilogy thing.  Howver…it won’t be as crazy as I tried last time.  Last time, I was trying to write three novels and a reader magnet.  Full novels, to get them published as I finished them.  We saw how well that went, :-P.  I am STILL working on book two of the series…sigh.

This time around, I am only working on the first drafts of these books.  I will be shooting for publishing in January.

And the series?

Well, they are in the Starkiller world.  So, for all of those who love the series, by Jan, there will be three more books to read.  I might drop one earlier if it gets done and I like it.  And yes you read that right, I am going to release all three at once.