So, I am going to do something with this post.

There are currently four different work in progress, from hence forth referred to as WIPs, pieces I am working on.  I will also give you a sample of each of them:

Wrath of the Empress:

Jonica felt the wind on her face and smiled. She hadn’t felt this free in a long time. She took a deep breath and felt that something was amiss. The air was dry and thin and her body felt numb. She tried to grab onto the cockpit frame, to brace herself and she felt nothing. Her eyes snapped open and she realized she wasn’t in the Runner, wasn’t flying through the fields, and wasn’t even in a ship. She plummeted towards the red orange sand of Mars without anything except the clothes on her back.

“Slag! Where in the Pit am I!”

Her arms and legs started to work, pumping around trying to move around, flailing around, trying to do something. She knew was going to die. A chunk of debris shot by her, a firey and smoking bit of the Bloody Bitch’s ship.

“At least I got the pod out. Meph might find someone,” she whispered to herself.

Skygirl, you are safe.



“What?” Jonica came to in the crash webbing of the grav-chair of Zas’ ship. She flailed around for a moment, coming out of the Gate sleep suspension. She wasn’t sure why Zas demanded that they do that. But, that was the deal. And for her left hand to be whole and for Lyra to be safe, she had to do what Zas said. She hoped that Lyra and Meph were safe on Poveglia.


Janus City Part Two:

Once outside of the complex, I turned to business. Finding Kenneth’s leg. Soon as the thought came to me, there was a soft orange glow that settled over the glasses and I saw a ribbon of orange extend out away from me. The glasses wouldn’t solve the case for me. But, they were keyed to his DNA and would lead me to where he lived and his daily routine.

There was a danger if I ran into Kenneth, hence the reason I told him to stay home. Otherwise, I’d end up blind. Or worse. The perks of the job I guess.

I wondered to the cable car and hopped on. One good thing about the cable cars was the price. Anyone could ride one anywhere in Janus City. One of the few perks of the city. There was an elf sitting by himself, or herself, you never know with the Fae. And this elf was one of the “heavies.” It had become part of this world more than say, Moira or Mick. They could head back to the Fae whenever they wanted. Granted, I knew both of them would prefer to die than ever go back and deal with the Shadow Court.

The elf looked haunted, his eyes sunken and clung to a thick wooden blanket which he wrapped tight around himself. The thing that drew my attention to the elf in the first place was the orange hued aura around him when I got on. He was connected to Kenneth and his missing leg.



Starkiller Chronicle Part Four:

Garret looked at the two Eridani and smirked. “So, what to tell me why I shouldn’t kill you where you stand?”

“Peace, peace, peace…” one of them said, over and over. His spindly arms were up and quivering with effort.

Garret nodded. “Alright, relax. I won’t kill you. Yet. But, if you think I’m going to let you off, you are mistaken. I want to know what the hell is going on?”

The two Eridani cocked their heads to one side. Garret shook his head. “Thought the Eridani were suppose to be smart.”

“They are,” a voice said from behind him. “Humans, usually aren’t.”

Garret turned to see an Eridani that stood over six foot. His thick barrel chest was smooth and rippled with muscle. In his hands was a nasty looking pistol. “I suggest you put your weapon down. From what I understand, they don;t need all of you to make this experiment work.”

“What are you talking about?” Garret asked, making sure to point his weapon down.

“Blaster on the ground, please,” the Eridani said. He smiled and it was more creepy than Garret thought an Eridani could be.

He dropped his weapon with a clatter.



I looked at the scumbag in the seat across the desk from me. He gave me his normal smile, without his fangs. “Look, Nash, you know I’m good for it,” Pyke said while dry washing his hands. He opened his mouth, closed it, working his lips for a moment to not fumble his words. “Really, I mean–”

“Uh huh, tell me another.” I held a small silver dagger in my hand, giving him a raised eyebrow. The Witch-Eye flared up, seeing the aura of black around Pyke. It would be black, Pyke’s a vampire after all.

His eyes flicked outside to the window.   I’d purposely left the screen open to make the vampire twitch a little. “Can we hurry this up? I need to get back home.” Best thing is to show them you know what can hurt them, start from a position of strength. Only thing fangheads respond too.

“I still want my money, Pyke,” I said, “Then we can hurry this along.”

“I truly hate that nickname, Nash. Please you know I’m good for it.” Pyke’s voice fumbled back to a slight Irish lilt with the word “hate.”

I continued to give him the cocked eyebrow. “And when can I expect the payment if I do let you go now?”

“Next week.”

I did some math tricks in my head. “Isn’t that when your ancestor’s going to be revived?”


Wasn’t that fun?  Now, it is almost 3 am where I am, so I am going to crash.  But, if anyonre has something to say, please don’t hesitate to send me a message on here.  Thank you for reading.