I know I didn’t get a post out with the end of the countdown.  I did screw up the count anyway because I can’t use a flipping calendar for some reason.  😛

Anyway, we enter into August.  I will be turning 39 very soon.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I mean, I can’t stop it from happening…and I do feel a bit more comfortable in my skin as a person than I have for some time.


I am hoping that by the middle of the month I will have Wrath of the Empress done.  It is currently about 60 percent done.  I will be going back to work on it later today.

Also, I am setting up a free five day plan for Void EmissaryIt will start tomorrow and go until my birthday.

But the big news is that the audio book for Mostly Human is ALMOST done…I am waiting for my narrator to get back to me on a few small changes and then it will be out.  I am going to put up the cover for the audio book.  It has the name of my narrator.  Does a good job as well, in my opinion.

I am off to try and get some writing done.  Hope you all have a good day.