Hello all.  I think I’ve gone past my date of starting…one sec…

Yeah, so I was WAYYYYYYY off.  My challenge stopped on July 22nd.  Oh well…

So, the Three Novels in Three months did not go according to plan.  I did get one book done, which is out now.  I also have a more fleshed out “Draft Zero” of the second book, Wrath of the Empress, and that is waiting for me to tackle when I wake up.  I also have notes, which will grow I am sure as I work on Wrath and things will be pushed to Tears of the Empress.

I also have a new (sorta) book out.  It is Void Emissary: Book of the Void Part One.  I know it is a long title.  Th shorter one is just Void Emissary.

But this is sorta new and sorta not.  I did publish this about a year ago.  But, I pulled it since it wasn’t fully ready and needed a bit of a re-write.  Now that that is done, I have republished it and hoping to get some people interested in it.

Also, that brings my total number of titles I have published to 13.  Yes, lucky number 13.  We will see how this one goes.

Starting tomorrow, I will probably stop the Day ?? totally, since I haven’t done a word count in a long time.  I will keep one, just in case.  But, we will see.