Hello again all of those who read this blog of brain droppings…which is probably not many…or is and you are all quiet.  Who knows.  😛

I am currently working on something else that is not part of the Empress series.  I have talked about it on here and hocked it on here.  It is called Void Emissary.  It was up for a long time, then I pulled it when I realized how bad it was.  It needed a serious polish.  And, that is what I am currently doing.

And, when I am done with it I am also going to start the process to get a print copy of it as well.  And I will give you all a notice when that happens.  And, going to shoot for an audio book as well…

I’d forgotten how much I loved this book and wished to continue with it.  And I am still a little shocked I was able to write such a long book so quickly.  It was about a year ago, I had just watched Chris Fox talk about writing a book in 21 days.  I made that commitment and had a big stick to help.  If you follow me at all on twitter or have found me on Facebook, I am not a fan of Trump.  I used him as a stick.  I said if I didn’t have the novel written, and up on Amazon KU in 21 days, I’d give $500 to his campaign.

I did not give money to his campaign.  It wasn’t a pretty book.  And, I was all set to start the next one when I went on vacation.  Beautiful thing, down the Danube.  However, that was also when my mother had a bad fall and she has never been the same since.  I will go into that at a later date.

Suffice to say, the Book of the Void was delayed and delayed.  And I just let it fall by the wayside.

But now, because my brain likes to try and shirk work, and I kinda took a week off from working on Wrath, well I found my hand edited copy of it and have been slowly slogging through it the past day or so.  I’m on page 120 of it, out of about 290 pages.  So, close to half way done.

And, there is one character that is much like Meph in the Empress Trilogy…in fact, there are many parallels between this book and the trilogy.  Both are very adventurous and not very hard sci-fi.  Much softer and in the case of Void Emissary, I’d say down right fantasy oriented.  That character, by the way, is Toph.  There is a lot to love about this sarcastic, snarky cat-like creature.

Anyway, I am going to hit the word mines again.  Keep you all informed when it is done.  Since it has already gone through several editing phases, I am just going to plug away at the corrections, then pop it back up on Amazon.  Not sure if I am going to make it wide or keep it in KU for awhile.  We will see.