Well, it has been hard to truly focus on much of anything the past few days.  I did get more than enough words down for today.  4,100.  However, none of them were for either Wrath or Tears.  They were for a half dozen other works in progress I find myself flittering between.

I do have Wrath printed out and needing a good long edit pass.  And no I am not taking anyone up on giving it an editorial pass because this is still the first draft, well the zero draft really.  So, there isn;t even a coherent structure at the moment.  All I have it about 80 pages of scenes.  I do foresee this getting polished and out the door in mid-August.  But, I will keep you all informed about what is going on.

Blood is slowly getting out there.  More and more people are reading it.  Now, I just need some dang reviews of the book.  If you have read Blood for the Empress I humbly ask for a review.  Even if you thought it was shite and think I need to know in exact detail how horrible of a hack writer I am, head on over to Amazon and hit the review button and let me know.

The little graphic I stuck in there if you can’t see it well is a screen grab from Amazon as of a minute ago.  I am in the top 2,500 for space opera!  That might seem low, but I am pretty happy with that.  We will see if I stay there or if I rise up or lower in the ranks throughout the week.

I have also been thinking more seriously about the serial that I want to post here and another one for my newsletter.  The one in the newsletter will be a little bit longer, just need to figure a way to get a poll in there.  For here, I’m debating on more of Janus City, or maybe something more sci-fi like.  What do you think?  Hit me up in the comments if you have a suggestion for a serial idea or if you want me to continue one here before I pop it up on Amazon.

One thing, the serial here will be once a week.  Probably on a Friday.  Or Sat.  Not sure, just a thought right now.  I will nail down the day and get back to you all.

Until then, goodnight and may evil be confused on the way to your doorstep…