I have been very slowly working on the edits for Cryo.  It is sapping at my soul.  I usually hate editing and re-writing.  Yet, this is worse.  I do not want to go into the particulars of it, but suffice to say its been an experience.

I am still doing the 100k challenge, yet I can’t tell you how much I actually wrote with the edits and re-write because of how the novel was edited.  I’d say I have added maybe 100 words today.  Yet, after midnight, I was able to crank out 400 in short order for another project.  Don’t know what yet, but it is there.

Also, I have noticed that the only real sales of anything have been my military sci-fi I.S.S. Starkiller.  I know I need to get on the rest of that.  I have three more parts of the first “season.”  And who knows what will happen after that.  I do know there is more to the story, so if you do read it, it will not end at part six.

I am waiting for the return of Blood for the Empress from the editor.  Going to be sending it out soon after that.  All of those on the mailing list will get a notification.  And, for everyone on the mailing list, there will be a link to the short The Collector.  It is a magnet I am going to use to help bring eyes to Blood.

There is also the thought of trying for a bundle of “First in series…”  A collection of the my four serials, Risen, Purgatory, I.S.S. Starkiller and Janus City.  The idea is that those who want to get a taste of each one can buy it and see how it goes.  It will have a little bit of millitary sci-fi with Starkiller, some urban fantasy noir with Janus City, some urban fantasy with Purgatory and some supernatural western with Risen.

After all of that is done, I will probably take a day off and work on what I have been putting off.  Resetting my Kobo book list.  Some of the stories won’t be there, since some of my stories are going to be going onto KU.  But, I am going to try something.  Some of the titles will be going wide, some staying on KU.  I will keep you all informed as to what is going where.