I have been having a hard few days trying to sit down and write.  All this week there have been distractions, things that make it hard to sit and focus.  Today, I got a little time to squirrel away to get a little over a thousand words written.  Mostly in Wrath which is a good thing.  That deadline is looming and as I have said before, I don’t think I’ll have all of Wrath done by then.  And even less of Tears.  However, I have notes and a direction on where to go so that is enough.

Plus I am also tying my own hands by trying to get out what is now FOUR serials.  Luckily at least Risen shouldn’t be more than three parts total.  I could be wrong and it goes longer.  We will see.

The short story, The Collector will soon be going out to my list and to Patreon supporters.  It will always be free.  I do not plan to ever sell it or put in part of a collection.  I always want it to be available to anyone.

I think I will write a little note to both mail subscribers and Patreon peeps about writing it and where I came up with the idea.  And then share it here sooner or later.  For now, good night.