I know I haven’t written in a few days.  I have been hard at work…sorta…trying to finish up Blood for the Empress.  It is in the final stages.  I am finishing up a draft to send to my proofreader before I put it up on Amazon.  It will exclusive on Amazon for a little bit.  Probably about ninety days.  Then, it will be wide.  Going to do that with all three of the books.  Put it up for ninety days to be an Amazon exclusive and then put it wide.

Also, I will be sending out a free short story to everyone who is already on my mailing list first, and then going to advertise it to get onto my list.  it will be a short story that connects to the Empress Trilogy with one of the best characters I have loved to write about in the series…Torvash.  Below is the cover for it.  I know I have teased it before.

I am REALLY hoping I can get this book out by the first week of July.  And though I have already failed the challenge with the trilogy I am still trying to get the words out.  But, once Blood is out, I will be able to fully focus on Wrath and Tears.