Well, I have sent out a bunch of copies to various beta readers.  Going to wait another day or so to start the edit myself.  And, I have gone to createspace and currently awaiting the bound copy to be sent to me so I can edit it that way.  Looking forward to trying this method.

What am I doing int he mean time?  Why glad you asked!  I am going back to working on my long overdue rewrite of the sequel to Mostly Human…Cryo.

I know a few people who are looking forward to having a chance to get it and read it.  I stalled on editing it, for several reasons.  But, now that I have some breathing room, even though I should be working on the second book of the trilogy, I am going to get my mind out of it for a few days.

Anyway…I am going back to the edit…here is the book cover of Cryo by the way…