If you are paying attention, I skipped forward a day for the 100k challenge since I started it on the first of June, so somewhere I lost a day.  Oh well…I’m an English major, sue me.

Well, on the writing front, 4,200 words today.  And I will be writing pretty much all day tomorrow, so I am looking forward to a very large word count.  Though, looking at my deficit, I’m going to need a few 10k days to make it up.  Or at least many more 5k days.

Close to wrapping up writing on Blood for the Empress.  Which is such a good feeling. Earlier today, I had to fight a sinking feeling of “Oh just end it now, make it a bunch of novellas.”  Not what I originally wanted to do and plus, it would kinda be what they did with Lord of the Rings, just chopping the one big book into three smaller books.

So, I have taken long enough to blah blah about writing.  I am going to try and get in another hour or so of writing before I knock out.  And should be getting more writing done today…hoping for 10k!  Woot!!!