Hello all.

So, fifty-one days into this three month trilogy challenge.  I am doubtful I will make the complete thing, yet I will have most of Blood ready and working on Wrath throughout the month.  I am sure by August I will have a the other two ready to go.  Though, I do know I might step away from the trilogy to work on something else for a time to help me keep fresh.  It is my process and it is weird, but it is mine.

I have thirteen pages left of Blood and then I enter re-writing territory.  That I look forward to more than editing.  Editing is what I see as the vegetables of writing.  You HAVE to eat them, you HAVE to edit your manuscript.  It is a given.  Writing, that first draft, that is freedom.  That is dessert.  Re-writing is the meat and potatoes.  It’s the true meal of writing.  As the saying goes, “Writing is re-writing.”

Have I learned about the process more with these two concurrent challenges?  Yes I have.  One is that if I have a deadline, I will do everything in my power to avoid it until it is too late, see graphic below.  But, that is par for the course.  Two is that if I have a word count for the day, I will power through it as much as possible, but I sometimes have the attention span of a gnat and I can’t focus on one project.  Hence you all get to read the brain droppings that is Janus City.



Speaking of which…onward to Januc City…



Janus City Chapter 12

Typhon had heard the name somewhere. He looked at Grenden. Who is that?

Grendel chuckled. “I feel a little tremble on my chest. So you must be trying to talk to me. Haha. Not going to help. I will assume you are asking who it is. She is a woman who has stolen something from me. Something I very much wish to get back.”

Typhon narrowed his eyes. This is going to go nowhere. He hated what he was about to do. He worked saliva into his mouth, feeling the scars on the interior. He took breath and asked, “What did she steal?”

“Ahh, so you can speak Typhon. I had heard it was bit of a mystery if you could or not.”

“Not something I like to do.” He let out a low growl, his throat hurting from such a long time with disuse.

“I see. To your question, Typhon. She stole a piece of art work. Nothing to concern yourself with. I simply want her to be found and held for me to subject her to my own, hee, punishment.”


Grenden smirked. “I am willing to offer you ten thousand for the finding of this Roxanne List.”

Typhoon walked closer to the large fleshy man and stuck out his hand. Ten thousand was enough for some time. He might even afford a ticket to Westside for a few days, spend some time at Eden Falls. “Deal.”

Grenden wrapped his fat hand around Typhon’s slender one and the Grenden jolted forms he contact. “What was that?”

“You made a deal, a contract,” Typhon said, moving his neck back and forth, his voice stronger. He stood up straighter and felt a renewed energy flood his body. Grenden collapsed back into the chair, weak as a kitten. “What…what did you—“

He was gasping, unable to speak completely. Typhon smirked. His tongue felt along his mouth and he felt the scars fading. “You made a deal in Eastside, Mr. Grenden. You said you knew what I am. You don’t. I will find this woman of you. But, you aren’t going anywhere. You won’t be able to move until I return with your item.”


“I have taken your energy, a piece of your soul. You are going to help me with this case and I know exactly where you are while I am out and about.” He let out a sigh.  He stretched out his back, cracked his neck moving it back and forth a few times and then turned to walk away.

“You mean I am stuck?”

“Most assuredly,” Typhon said as he wlaked out the door.