So, as of this writing, I have 3,500 words for the day.  I am rather happy about that.  I did my Janus City chapter, which I will talk about later.  I also worked on the third of the 4Pollack novels and worked on more of the trilogy I should be working on this whole time.  I will get back to that once I have finished up the blog post.

And, yes why I am working on the third when the second 4Pollack novel isn’t up anymore?  Well, it was up.  And, I do have Cryo in the queue for revision.  I might try and work it in if I can either; get done with the trilogy a bit more or if I stall on one of the other projects and I need something else to work on.  I suppose it would still count towards my goal of words, since it is a revision and not just “editing.”

Either way, it will get done way before I have a finished draft of book three.

So, as for Janus City.  I am trying something.  I am going off of John Gallic for the moment and bringing in a new character.  Name is Typhon.  We will be following him for a little bit before going back to John.  Or, we will see John in a different way.  Either way…Janus City…


Chapter 10

Typhon leered at the woman grinding around on the pole. He peels off another double sawbuck from the roll in his jacket and slide it towards her. The catgirl gave him a happy squeak and crawled towards him, her yellow cat eyes staring at him as she did. She leaned forward, arching her back as she did to show off her ass in the to small thong that blended well with her soft yellow furred body. She opened her mouth and took the bill in her mouth and jerked backwards to sit up, reveals her fur sheathed body. Her small pert breasts revealed as the yellow fur faded to a thin fuzz that disappeared a scant inch from her aureola.

Always my favorite, he said to her.

She gave him a confused look.

He shook his head and started to get up. She crawled forward again and gave him a mewling whimper. He peeled off two more bills, pressed them to glowing dance floor and slid them towards her. She gave him a large smile, her smile more human with only the incisors more cat-like.

Again, she gave him a squeak and happy meow.

He gave a look at the bounce, Xer. The thick shouldered brute grunted at Typhon as he left. Then settled a thick meaty hand on Typhon’s shoulder. “Don’t you usually leave after her set?”

Need to get back to the wife. Typhon looked at Xer’s strange twist of his face hearing Typhon’s voice in his head. Xer let him go and Typhon took the opportunity to leave the strip club.

Outside, the perpetual umber of Eastside of Janus City was lit with neon signs of the red light district, and a few actual red lanterns hanging outside of several apartments and homes. Typhon walked along the street, his mind unable to contain the thoughts that streamed into his. In the club it had been easy to wall off his thoughts from everyone else. Attention was elsewhere and focused on the girls. Out in the city of Janus, it was harder to push away the stray thoughts that he could garner from walking down the street. He wanted to get home, and soon.

There, he had his sanctuary. His place where he rested and slept and was able to sleep. The small apartment mounted with thick plates of silver and gold. Costing him a pretty penny, yet it was worth it for him to have a place to rest his head and not experience other’s thoughts, dreams and nightmares.

But then, Typhon also needed those thoughts at times. It was his stock and trade.

Other people’s secrets.

As his steps found the Wraith Hostel he was stopped. One sentence slammed into his head.

“I will kill them all.”