Well, back from my gaming night.  Always helps me recharge.  This was a different one than the usual pirate game we have been playing.  The DM needed a break so we are doing a two-part game called “Dark Run.”  The DM is very new, and those of us who have played for awhile helped her as best we could.  Looking forward to the next session and see what transpires.

As for writing, well…622 words today.  All of it on Janus City.  Part of it was trying to finish up the last excerpt.  And this one is pretty short.  Not sure exactly what I am going to do.  There are more than a few stories in Janus City and I might go on to one of them instead and leave the story of John Gallic on hold.  Or not.  Depends on how I feel tomorrow when I get ready to write the next part of the serial.

I have to say that there is a weird melancholia that has settled over me as of late.  The feeling that somehow this is all pointless and I should stop and go back to what I was doing before trying for the full-time writer thing.  However, I know it is just my own fear of failure/success that is trying to cause me to stop what I am doing.  Not going to work.  I am going to press on.

Anyway, your next dose of Janus City…



Chapter 9

The glow of the glasses pulled my attention away from the wraith. When I turned back, the wraith was gone. “Good riddance,” I muttered to myself, crossed the street and headed towards the glowing building. My hand strayed to my gun, not wanting to pull it yet.

As I moved closer, I felt the first few splatters of rain. First it was a misting, then it turned to rain. Which annoyed me, yet didn’t stop me from continuing to creep up onto the building. It was an abandoned storefront with a large boards in front of the glass walls and a gate across door. When I got closer, I saw the gate had been forced open enough that the chains and broken and hung on the door gate. I pushed myself through and when my hand touched the door, the glow flared.

I’m on the right track. I yanked open the door.

Two bullets zinged by me, breaking the glass of the door. I dropped into a crouch, pulling out my gun and felt the thrum of the runes in my wrist. I fired off a shot towards where the shots came from. It glowed a dull red as did the runes around my wrist. Yet, the light wasn’t enough to cut through the gloom. There was a scuffle from he darkness and the sound of a door popping open. I took a quick shot for the door, missing the form by an inch.

The glasses had switched off the moment I was in the storefront. With he danger gone, they flickered on for a few seconds. They showed a set of footsteps heading out of the door. Well at least that is answered. I charged forward towards the door, the gun coming out first.

I swept right to left, dropping to one knee as I swept to the left around the door. Good thing, the guy waiting there fired at where my head should have been. I slammed the barrel of the gun into the guy’s stomach. He grunted and doubled over. Helped by his momentum, he was slammed spread eagle on the ground. I pressed the gun barrel to his forehead and blinked.

My gun was pressed into the forehead of Kenneth, my client.