I know this is later than I usually post.  Had to finish up the chapter for the serial.  Didn’t get much more writing than that done.  But I was close to scratching the 1k mark.  904.  Again, not a sprint, a marathon.  I should have a few days coming up where I will be just writing and writing.

And now, the next installment of Janus City


Janus City Chapter 8

I looked at the note, unsure of what to do. I didn’t think calling her right now was the way to go. She was with Vince and who knew who had the burner phone info. He could be calling Vince. I pushed the note and the cell back into my pocket.

Touching the glasses helped to focus them if I thought they were going off the rails as it were. There was a very faint glow that came from the middle of the city, along the border of the vast Wall. There wasn’t much there. But it was a start. Walking wasn’t the best, yet I had to do it.

Strolling along the streets of Westside got me the usual dirty looks from the people who lived here. Let them stare and gawk at me. I was in a shabby coat and pants, still had blood on me from the demon from earlier this morning. Already felt like it was a week ago. But, I was able to muddle through and get closer to the Wall. As I approached the Wall down Main Street, the glow came from the right.

I was focused on getting to the glow that I didn’t notice until it was to late someone following me. I happened to look into the reflection of a the local Gimble’s department store and saw a form following me. It wasn’t a man or woman, only a shadow.
I wasn’t sure if it was real or if it was a trick of light, yet something about it made me turn around to confront it. I wasn’t prepared for coming face to face with a wraith.

Wraiths are the guards of the Wall. They are supreme dicks and have zero sense of humor. And they also hates those who were of the recently deceased, like myself.

“What are you doing here, thing?” It hissed out in my brain. I looked around and realized no one was going to see this interaction. The wraith and I had somehow become alone on the busiest street in the city.

“Following a clue,” I said touching my glasses. “Do we have an issue?”

“You are no allowed—“

I tapped my temple twice. “Wrong, on the clock. I’m a bonded agent. I have full authority in the city boundaries.” It was a shaky leg to stand on, since the closer one got to the wall, it was less the City of Janus then the Wall. It had its own rules which interacted with the two sides of Janus in odd ways.

“You are close to being outside your jurisdiction,” it said. It then moved a little closer to me, so close I could see the red eyes and the flare of red coming from where the nose was suppose to be. “Be quick about your business and leave this area. Dead man.”

The last few words rang in my head for a few moments. Something I was doing was bothering the wraith.

Terrific. Fucking terrific.