Another slow day of writing.  But, feeling good about it.  Then, I read this post.  Finish it?  29 books and nine hundred short stories!  DAMN, and only in seven years.  But, I can get that much done.  Just might take longer than seven years.  I see some potential with Janus City to be more than just John Gallic.  But, not sure if that will be enough for that much.

Yet, one thing I know about writing is you don’t compare yourself to someone else.  Going to just keep moving forward with the writing.

Without further ado…



Janus City Chapter 7

“So what you doin’ here, Johnnie?”  Vince Chung asked, looking down at his notepad.  Though, his pencil hadn’t moved much while I gave him my story.

“Workington a case.  Stumbled onto the heavy.  Poked him once, had a seizure and he died.”
“Uh huh.”  Vince looked at his partner, and shook his head.

“What we mean is,” Elissa Montez said, coming up beside me, “Why are you in Westside?”

I looked over at her.  She flashed me an easy smile, one she knew I still liked.  About six months ago, she and I had had a weekend.  Then came back to her husband and partner Vince Hughes.  I’m sure, he knew.  But hadn’t done anything.


“In Westside seeing the ex, if you must know.”  I then pushed the glasses up on my nose.  “And getting a few things I left there.”
“That she didn’t torch?” Vince asked, a small smirk on his face.  The wisp of a moustache on his face made him look more creepy and pathetic than usual.

“Shuddup,” I said.  “Look, I tried to help the heavy.  Can I go now?”

“No, you need to come with us,” Elissa said.

“Why?” I asked, turning to look at her.  “What is the charge?  Am I being detained?”

“Whoa, whoa,” Vince said.  He pulled Elissa’s hands away from my arm.  “Nothing like that, Johnnie.  No, we aren’t detaining you.  How about you go along.  But keep your cell on.”

“Don’t believe in ‘em,” I said.  It wasn’t that I didn’t.  I just had a habit of forgetting them and crushing them when I sat down.  Or sometimes getting pissed off at who I was talking to and crushing them in my hand.

“I have a burner you can hold onto for a time,” Elissa said.  She walked away from us, his thick hips swaying.  Both Vince and I enjoyed the view as she went to the squad car, leaned in through the passenger side door and retrieved the burner.  I pulled my eyes away from her a moment before Vince did by asking me something.

“Huh?” I asked, turning to watch the elf being placed in the black van of the coroner.  I had a feeling that the elf wouldn’t get more than a cursory look and then a tossed in a potter’s field.

“When did you stop fucking my wife?”

I snapped my eyes back to his.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He leaned in close.  “I let the first weekend last year slide, Johnnie.  But the last two months, not cool.  Stop hunting.”  As Elissa came back, he smiled at his partner and wife as she slipped the burner phone into my hand.

“You two alright?” she asked,d looking between the two of us.

“Fine,” I said, giving her a smile and taking the sleek little phone from her hand.  The contact of her hand on mine was electric.  Then I blinked because the phone flared with an orange light from the glasses I was wearing.

“Good, we’re done here.”  He said, taking Elissa and guiding her towards the car again.  He looked over his shoulder at me and gave me a glare.

I decided to walk awhile to clear my head, yet my eyes kept going to the phone.  Finally, I grabbed some wall by an alley and pulled it out.

It was the old school flip phone kind.  Images of the old Star Trek show came to mind as I flicked the phone open.  A small note fluttered out.  It grabbed ahold of it.  It was Elissa’s handwriting.  It was a phone number and four words in her loopy hand.  “I need your help.”