Well, I decided to take a jump and get a cover for this Janus City thing I have been doing on here.  It is from a cover designer I use for almost all of my books.  I will put it in before the chapter.

As for writing today, it didn’t go well.  I was dealing with one annoyance after another.  I have 700 words today and that might be all I do.  500 of those is the latest chapter of Janus City.  The other 200 is for a serial I am trying to add to so I can get it out and try some bundling options.

I know it happens, and that this challenge is a marathon and not a sprint, but still gets and nags at me.  Who knows, maybe later I’ll get a wild hair and start writing a little bit more.

Without further wait, the next installment of Janus City…



Janus City Chapter 6

Once outside of the complex, I turned to business.  Finding Kenneth’s leg.  Soon as the thought came to me, there was a soft orange glow that settled over the glasses and I saw a ribbon of orange extend out away from me.  The glasses wouldn’t solve the case for me.  But, they were keyed to his DNA and would lead me to where he lived and his daily routine.

There were dangerous a if I ran into Kenneth, hence the reason I told him to stay home.  Otherwise, I’d end up blind.  Or worse.  The perks of the job I guess.

I wondered to the cable car and hoped on.  One good thing about the cable cars was the price.  Anyone could ride one anywhere in Janus City.  One of the few perks of the city.  There was an elf sitting by himself, or herself, you never know with the Fae.  And this elf was one of the “heavies.”  It had become part of this world more than say Moira or Mick.  They could head back to the Fae whenever they wanted.  Granted, I knew both of them would prefer to die then ever go back and deal with the Shadow Court.
The elf looked haunted, his eyes sunken and clung to a thick wooden blanket which he wrapped tight around himself.  The thing that drew my attention to the elf in the first place was the orange hued aura around him when I got on.  He was connected to Kenneth and his missing leg.  Somehow.

I settled down across from him.  He avoided eye contact with me.  Soon, it was he and I, and the golem car driver who might as well have been gone with the way the cable cars worked.  Yet some regs stated there had to be one.

“Nice day,” I said to the elf.

He said nothing, continued to stare into space.

“Hey, buddy, I’m talking to you,” I said reaching out to poke him in the leg.

When I touched him, two things happened.  First he let out a keening that caused me to grit my teeth and wince.  Second, he collapsed onto the floor of the cable car and started to have a seizure.  I got to my knees and pulled out my wallet to jam it between his teeth so he didn’t bite his tongue off.  His eyes grew more unfocused as the seizure took him.  He bit down so hard on my wallet, it started to buckle.

“Dammit, stop this thing!  Call emergency services!”  I shouted out at the golem.

The cable car was already slowing when I shouted.  The things big burly head turned and looked at me.  The constant open mouth glowed as it spoke.  “They have been summoned, please remain calm.”

The elf grabbed me by the arm, spat out my wallet and said, “Valhalla.”  Then, his eyes closed and I felt his spirit leave his body.
And, with his spirit went a lead for me to follow.