Hello all.  I made it past my minimum last night and got to 4.5k words.  I am hoping to do that again tonight.  I have 2,104 so far and the evening is young for me.  I shall be keeping my nose to the keyboard stone…that made no sense but I think you know what I mean.

I must say it is strange to do something like Janus City.  Every day I sit down and type out another piece fo the adventure that is John Gallic’s life.  I have no idea where it is going and that is the point.  I also stop when I think I have reached the end of a good little section of the story.  Granted, once I am done with the challenge and I have a full novel or even a novella, I will be printing it out and seeing where this awkward beast is going and re-write the hell out of it.  That also got me thinking if I should try and keep this going every month?  Not every day, but maybe once a week I plop down a few thousand words of some story idea I am working on.  And since it would be once a week, I would want to have a bit more editing done with it.  Nothing major, but at least go over the typos and fill out the scenes more.

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Anyway…continuing you with the noir story, Janus City…


Janus City Chapter 5

Shaking myself from the shock of Moira’s confession, I followed her towards her door.  She seemed to have resigned herself to me coming back into her place one more time.  “Please tell me you didn’t burn the Poe books?”

She turned and looked at me.  “I gave those to you, they were expensive.  I’m pissed at you, not insane.  But, I’m keeping them.”  She said as she touched the door and it opened.

I walked after her and felt the threshold powers of her apartment slam shut on me.  She turned and looked at me.  “What are you going to do?  Cross the threshold uninvited?”

If I did, I’d lose much of the protections I had as an undead.  I’d be near human, weak as a kitten and stuck in a small room with a sidhe who hated me.  But she loves you, a stray thought came to me.  Yeah, issue is she loves me but wouldn’t mind flaying the skin from my bones for the fun of it.

“Well?”  She asked, looking at me, her green eyes kindled with fire, her smile touching her eyes in a wicked way.  She was daring me to do it.

“Never dare me,” I said.  I took a step towards her and felt the pressure of the threshold grab hold of me, felt chains wrapping around me, green ephemeral chains that weighed me down more and more, pulling at the protections of my undead status.  But, I got through.  I sagged against the wall, breathing heavy and sweating copious amounts.

“Was it really worth it?”  She asked, taking a drink from a hi ball glass.  I shook my head, grabbed the glass and downed the contents.

“Thanks doll,” I said, handing her the empty glass.

I saw a small vein throbbing on her forehead, which I ignored and walked towards the wall where her vault access was.  I raised my hand as I neared the picture of one of her relatives.  It faded to nothing and a light blue dial the size of a softball appeared in its stead.  Behind it was a door of the same color.  It spun around a half dozen times and then waited, the dial set at “00.”

With a few flicks of my finger, the dial spun to each other numbers and rotations needed for the vault to open.  The vault is a large extra dimensional bank that everyone in Janus City has access to.  Everyone gets their own combination when they register as a citizen.  I had gotten one, yet it was barred to me after I died.  There was paperwork to get it open, yet I did;t have that type of time.  Or the scratch.  One reason I shacked up with Moira is she had a decent account and I was able to get a small side vault with her number.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought.  And yes, I know I’m a scumbag for doing it.

The door popped open and Moira gasped when she saw the empty vault.

“Relax, this is mine, not yours,” I said.   Reached in and pulled out the two things I stored.  The spelled long coat that was better than most kinds armor and a pair of ensorcelled sunglasses that helped me track down those that contracted me.

“You used my vault to store your junk?”

“It isn’t junk,” I said, pulling not he long coat and slipped on the sunglasses.  “I need these to do my job.”

“You know I could scream and kill you.”

I smirked at her.  With the glasses, I could also see any kind of arcane build up.  There was none with her.  I walked closer to her, looming over her.  “Doubt it Moira.  You love me, remember.”  I then placed a kiss on the top of her forehead and walked out the apartment.

I heard her whisper something as I left.  Wasn’t sure if she meant for me to hear it, but I found I had better hearing after coming back.

“Don’t die, you big lug.”

I didn’t respond until I was in the elevator, far away from her.  “I’ll try doll, I’ll try.”