Short update today.  I am cruisng along with the word count and currently at 2575 for the day.  I probably won’t make the full number tongiht.  But, I got close.  Tomorrow should be a big writing day.  I expect to have 5k tomorrow.  And now for another very raw chapter of Janus City.  (I have to say, it is fun to write this.  It is somethign that touches several loves of mine.  There is a noir element to it, there is the urban fantasy element and then there is the weird melange of science ficition and fantasy that I like.  Don’t see the sci-fi yet?  Don’t worry, it is coming…)


Janus City Chapter Three

The thing about contracts and myself, if someone makes one with my name, on vellum, uses the right mumbo jumbo and underlines their name in blood, I am bound to help them.  Whatever is on the contract, I have to do.  One time, there was an old woman who wanted me to move her from one apartment to another…across the hallway.  But, she gave me a homemade pizza and a six pack of beer after so I was good with it.

I was also good with the contract because it helped me with something else.  I was able to leave Mick’s Pub.  The contact’s subtle magics allowed me to move onto the front stoop of Mick’s Pub and look over my new client with a bit more study.

Overall, he was a decent looking man, thirties, clean shaven, and looked like could use a drink.  There was a look of desperation about him, obviously from he leg that had been stolen.  The replacement leg chugged with a fly wheels and gears, yet there was a hiding pool of oil from somewhere.

“You need to find my leg,” he said.  The contract said his name was Kenneth.

“When did you see it last?”  I asked, deadpan.

“When I woke up this morning, it was gone.”

“Deal with gnomes, dwarves or steamers?”  I asked, hoping to find some connection.

“Who don’t deal with steamers in this city?”

Ken had a point.  “Ken, I need you to relax and think—“

“Kenneth,” he said.

I gritted my teeth.  One of those kinds of guys.  “Alright, Kenneth, please relax and head home.  I will contact—“

“How will you know how to contact—“

I tapped the vellum rolled up in my right hand.  “This.  You and I have a connection now.  At any time, I can walk right o where you are.  And, you could do the same.  I suggest you don’t, unless I contact you and tell you too.”

“You will find my leg, please I need it.”

I plastered on my best smile.  “Kenneth, I promise, I will find it.  Relax, go home and spend time with your daughter.”

He sneered at me.  “How did you know I have a daughter?”

I shrugged.  “Lucky guess.”  I really wanted him to leave.  He wanted me to find a leg, something that he should have felt gone the moment it was taken.  Instead, he had probably cobbled together some kind of steamer contraption.  This will only be a great day.

“What in the Hell is going on?” Mick shouted from inside the pub.  “Johnnie, what are—“

I saw him coming towards the door, the shotgun in hand.  I looked over and Kenneth was galumphing up the steps with his thump crash thump crash gait.  I opened the door and gave him a smile.  “Mick, don’t worry, was just making a deal.  I can leave your—“

“Not until you clean up that oil,” Mick said, pointing at the pool of oil that Kenneth had left.  I looked at the Fae and the Fae looked at me.  For a moment, I thought about telling him to go spin.  Then, I remembered the contract that Kenneth had signed about getting an hourly wage.  “Get a mop and bucket.”