Well, I didn’t even hit a thousand words this day.  I have a few hours left, but I also have my weekly gaming group coming up very soon.  And that is how I decompress and relax for the few hours.  Plus the 100k challenge and the twelve-week challenge is still going and they are marathons, not sprints. We will see how the next week shakes out.

Onward to the next part of Janus City…


Janus City Chapter Two

After an hour or two in Mick’s pub, and three meads later, the Fae had gone to get some sleep.  He locked up the place and told me not to drink anymore.  It’s good to want things.  I was in one of the leather seats near the back of the bar, eating a platter of cold cuts and cheese.  Don’t like bread, sandwiches are lazy.  Sitting down, enjoying the individual pieces one at a time, gave me time to think.  Like what I was going to do now?

I still had another $300 from Clarence.  I didn’t have a place to crash.  Damn Moira, never date a sidhe.  Bean sidhe or otherwise. Still needed to get my stuff from the bitch.  She had probably thrown it out on the lawn of the complex, yet I still needed to go by and get something I had left in her place.  That was going to be a bitch and a half to do.

I liked the last crumbs of the cheddar from my fingers, not the yellow shite the real Cheddar cheese stuff from Jolly Old.  I checked my hand.  The burn was almost gone, one a small slash of burned tissue across my knuckles.  It’s what happened when I use my gun.
I pulled out it and took the 1911 Colt apart.  A normal gun really.  Except for the small little extra bit on the grip.  Right where it connects with the palm of my hand was a little needle that I hand to shove into my hand.  I did;t look at the wound on my hand, I knew that was still there and still an angry red from using the runes that wrapped around my wrist like a length of chain.

It is what they were really.  A chain that I had used to get out of Hell and into Janus City.  It was the only place I felt comfortable, hell the only place I could feel comfortable.  Rest of the world having its own problems, why would I want to show up on the doorstep of my parents or old lover.  So, I choose Janus City.

It’s sort of an everywhere and nowhere place.  A place where bits of the old times and the future collide in a miasma of oil, smoke, fog, sex, magic, and tech.  Everything and anything could be found in the right alley.

Reassembling my piece, I slipped it back into the holster at my side.  The comforting weight of the gun in the shoulder holster gave me that feeling of things were going to be alright.

Then, there was a crash thump crash thump crash thump, that came down the stairs in front of Mick’s place.  The gun was out before I was out of the seat.  A looming figure was at the front of the pub.  I was shocked when there was an almost delicate knocking on the door.

Intrigued I went to investigate and found a man with one normal leg, one artificial one.  Of gears and steam and leaking oil.  It looked like it had been put together by a committee.

“They stole my leg!”  The man shouted.  “And I want you, Johnnie.  I have a contract right here.”  He shoved the thick piece of vellum in my hands.  His right thumb still bleeding from the last part of it.  I looked it over and felt the subtle magic of the contract working its way over me.

“You got it.”