Well, I have returned.  The weekend wasn’t very productive, even though I did officially start the second book, Wrath of the Empress.  Yesterday I didn’t get much done.  However tonight I got…a little over 600 words.  So, not the greatest.  Yet, I know that this tends to happen after I come off one project and go into another.  This is the first time I have done this challenge, so I knew there was a possibility of this happening.

I am not dropping the challenge.  Just need to push on through it.  Still, I have plenty of time to get this zero draft and hopefully the first draft out before I run out of time.  I am going to wait until I am done with my draft zero before I go back to Blood and start to do my own edits plus those of the alpha and editor.  Then, going into the re-write of Wrath I’ll have more info to work with that I can push the plot forward.

Feel like I am rambling a little here, so I am going to update the words done and then I am going to knock out.