So, the other day I realized I wrote about Day 20 but not Day 19.  Long story short, I wrote, it was draining, moving on.

Today I didn’t get much writing done on the next novel in the trilogy.  Yes, I have 4,295 words.  Yet that was mostly from when I finished the zero draft of Blood for the Empress and wanted to move on to Wrath of the Empress instead of starting over immediately.   If that confused anyone, I am sorry.

Here is how it went.  Wrote the “zero draft” of Blood.  I finished it in about two weeks I think.  I still had some time to write in the day, so I went on to Wrath.  Wrote for another day with Wrath and then back to edit Blood.  I just finished the first draft of  Blood.  Gone to the editor and alpha reader so I am going to focus on Wrath for awhile.  I will make a zero draft, about 80 pages, then write a bit in Tears of the Empress, before going to edit Wrath and then work on the first draft of Wrath.  Then, on to Tears for the process to start all over again.

Also, I will soon be doing a giveaway with a bunch of other sci-fi writers.  I am giving away Mostly Human.  Link is here.

End of the third week, how does it feel?  Tiring, yet I will keep on keeping on…