Well, I finished my first draft of Blood for the Empress.  It is being printed up right now for some alpha readers.  And going to send it to my editor and see what she has to say.  In three weeks, I banged out the first draft of this in a day under three weeks.  Pretty nice if I do say myself.

Is it all there?  No.  It is a little light at only 120 pages.  But, most of the scenes are there and the thing that really killed me is that soggy middle.  That place in the story where the meat of your story is, but it feels like hacking through a jungle of words with no end in sight.  I still have nine weeks to go.   I still have two more novels to get out and have some kind of edit for.

My plan, my feeling that I will have done this challenge and succeed is if I have book one done and ready to upload to Amazon, (I think I am going to go “all in” with Amazon for at least those first three months,) and book two and three eighty percent done, and of course get the reader magnet done and ready to fire off, I will have done it.  I will have nailed this challenge.  I think that Chris Fox is almost done and I think he said that he feels like he failed.  He has book one out, book two and three are in the wind.

However, I wasn’t trying to do better than Chris.  I was trying to do this for me.  And the goals that I have are reasonable.

And now I have to go get some sleep.  Night all.