Alright, Day 17 and I am spent…I have hit 40.6k words for the project and I am so so so tired.  My editor and alpha reader might get a little mad at me if I turn in something that is half done.  Yet, I am struggling to get through the edits that I do have.  Hopefully, I can talk to the editor and ask if it is okay if there are some placeholders around.  I want to get out from under this and I think once I am done with the draft and I go onto Wrath I’ll be able to get away from Blood for the Empress and give myself a bit of time from that story.

Or it might blow up in my face.  Who knows.

The entire challenge is already starting to wear on me.  But, I am going to soldier through for a bit.  I might take a day at some point and do nothing for the day.  It could help with writing if I have a day to focus on myself.  Or not…

Anyway, the above image is what I am going to go with for my cover for Blood for the Empress.  I think it works well.  Plus, you might have seen I took out the E.W. from my name.  I think it is for the best.  I might experiment with the names later.  But for now, I am going with Lon Varnadore.

Night all.