Day 15 wasn’t very productive, so I just going to lump everything into this entry for Day 16.  I have hit the 37.5k mark on Blood for the Empress.  I am still working on covers, yet there is one that I like and will place it here, if what I did works.

I like the vibe of this, yet I am hoping to get a spaceship in the background to take advantage of the “space opera” covers of ships.  Or I might leave it as is.  I have gotten mixed views on this from many people in the 20Booksto50K facebook group.  And, even more, mixed reviews from friend and family.  I will work it out well before the time for the book drops.

I am very close to my deadline where I will toss it to an editor and start working on Wrath of the Empress.  I am hoping to get through the rest of the book before the deadline.  Or my editor might be a bit confused towards the end fo the book.  We will find out.  Anyway, I am off to bed.

Night all.