I know that I have missed a few days.  The weekend was filled with stuff I needed to do.  But I did get to see Guardians of the Galacxy2, which was AWESOME by the way.  (Plus I see it as helping me with what I am writing.  It is a great example of space opera.)

So today is a heavy writing day, yet because of my other job I work as a part-time Uber driver, I won’t be able to really move forward with the re-write between 7-10.  I am going to try and bring my computer and try and do something.  Will tell you how it goes.

The main thrust of this blog entry is about how the whole process is going.

Been working on this challenge for two weeks.  It has been a bit daunting.  However, I am going at this hammer and tongs: writing, re-writing, and editing.  I am honing in on a cover for it.  My designer is great.  I might even show a few of them if you guys want to see them.  Ten more weeks of this is going to get me a bit frazzled, yet I will try and keep my sanity as best I can.