So made it through the first week.  WOOT!

I have my draft zero of Blood for the Empress and going through it right now.  I am half way done with it already.  I am hoping that in the next week, I will have a document that I can send to an editor to get a pass on.  And, depending how I feel, might even try an alpha reader or two.

I also have The Collector edited.  I still need to do a revision on that as well.  That I might send straight to a copy editor, not sure.  Will think it over.

But, my big news of the week is that I won a contest put on with Joanna Penn and Lindsay Buroker.  Both of them helped write a book with another two authors.  Called American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice.  I tried out for both the Skype session and the slot to be in the Marketing Science Fiction and Fantasy podcast.  And I won the latter!  I should be recording on March 23rd and then I will send out a link when it comes out.  Really stoked to be part of that podcast as a guest.  I will be probably be asking a ton of questions, though I might be able to shill my one book and the several serials I have tried to sell.  We will see.  And, I plan to talk about this challenge as well.

Anyway, I am off to dreamtime soon…