Well, this is the first blog post in almost two months, writing this at the very wee hours before 3/1.

As I said in the last post, I took a small break.  And that was the worst mistake of my writing life.  For two months, I struggled to get something down, to finish a few pages, then a few paragraphs.  Heck, I got to the point where I could barely get out a whole sentence.

I am hoping that the dry streak is over.  Tonight, I was finally able to get back on track with the writing, with a whopping 2,320 words.  I have finished what I think is a good rough draft of Starkiller Chapter III.  And, even delved for gently into Chapter Four.  And, I have even done a few paragraphs of the next installment of Risen as well.  Nothing on Purgatory.  I think I might have to set that aside since one, no one is really reading it, from what I can see.  I will finish it.  But, I want to concentrate on Starkiller and Risen first.  Get those two things wrapped up.  I know Starkiller will be back for a Season Two.  Risen is probably just a stand alone, though Cain Kurlow will be back in several more novels.

I have a bunch of work still in the pipeline after I polish up Starkiller and Risen.  One is the fantasy noir Summerland.  Another is a re-written copy of the second 4Pollack novel, Cyro.  I might just re-release it with a different cover since the re-write is going to be big.  I am still waiting for the copy editor to finish it up, but I should have the complete thing soon and then I will start the re-write of it.  Look for that probably in April.

Also working on a much smaller re-write of Void Emissary.  That should be up sooner than April…I hope.

Also, as soon as Summerland and Void Emissary are out, I will be releasing a bundle of the three books, a kind of Lon Varnadore starter pack if you will.  I also plan to have print copies of each of the books up on Amazon around the time of the bundle.

Well, I think I’ll wrap it up.  Great to finally have some news worth sharing with you all.  Also, as a note, there will be some free novella tie-ins with Void Emissary and Summerland.  I will have links.  They will direct you to an email sign-up page but don’t worry, I am not going to sell your name to spammers.  I hate that and would never do it.