Within a few hours of this post going up, part two of Starkiller and Purgatory: Ghoul are going, or are up.  Purgatory is only up in Smashwords right now, yet once I get a better cover I should be able to have it on Amazon within a few days.

So, why the I DID IT!!!  Well, I achieved my goal I set up for myself when I started this blog and set my sights on being an indie writer.  I have published seven titles.  Cryo, Void Emissary, Starkiller Parts One and Two, Purgatory: Ghoul Parts One and Two and Risen.

Risen WILL be coming out in another ten days.  It is already been set up through a pre-order and I don’t want to mess with the Amazon pre-order since some people might have already purchased it.

So, there you go.  Seven titles since April.  I think that is pretty damn good.  And, what is in the cards for next month? Next year?  Well, I am going to set the goal of ten titles in a year.  Five of them are going to be novels.  One for the 4Pollack series, and two for both the Book of the Void and Summerland.  (Summerland is the first in the series of an urban fantasy series I have been working my butt off trying to get up.  Is up right now for pre-order and will be ready in mid-January.