I have worked the new serial in my books.

I am working on an urban fantasy with some noir overtones called Summerland.  It is a bit of a grind on me right now.  Which I hate.  Writing and re-writing are the easier portions of what I do.  Yet, I have two serials I am now working on and that will help move me away from Summerland and the grind that it is causing.

We will see.

Starkiller is free until Friday.  Purgatory is free on Smashwords.  Trying to get it on B&N and Kobo, yet not sure if I can with the cover issues.  Explain later.  But, if I get it on B&N or Kobo–and it will be free there–then it could become free on Amazon.  The first episode of this will be free, every other episode of the season will be about $1.99, same with Starkiller.  Once I have wrapped the first season of the two serials, I will offer a compilation for about $5.99, which will include all six episodes.