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5,000+ words

Well, this is a new feeling.  Today, for the first time who in know how long if ever, I was able to crank out over five thousand words today.  Not all of them were on the same project.  A thousand was on something I am currently calling Purgatory:Ghoul.  But 4,500 words were written on Cryo and I am feeling great.

However, my brain is feeling a bit mushy.  I think I need to take a bit of a break.  So, going to sit back, watch some midnless tv and perhaps I’ll even…plot…for my next book.  For many of you who know me, plotting is not something I use to do.  Then, read Libbe Hawkers “Take off your Pants.”  I think I have talked about this book before.  If not, great book about how plotting can make writing a bit better.  And it really has.  Not that I am ever tied down by the plots.  I go off and do other things with the plot lines, sometimes ignoring them completely.  Yet, it at least helps.

And, there is another project in the hopper that is completely written with pants…(The book “Take off your Pants” talks about two kinds of people.  Pantsers who will just sit down and start writing away, no plot, no notes, nothing.  And the plotters.  Deep down, I am a pantser.  Yet, plotting once and again, especially if I want to get out the seven novels I have challenged myself too, is vital.)  It is called Void Emissary and I am looking forward to seeing how much of that I am going to write before I have to sit down and plot it out.  It is going to be a massive project I feel.

I might come back and do more writing.  Yet, I want to also see if I can keep up the streak and at least do another 5,000 tomorrow.  If so, I think I will have the next few novels well in hand for the deadlines.  I know I am going to miss the pre-order deadline for Cryo, but I already talked about that in a previous post.  Anyway, I will update tomorrow.

And, as George Carlin once said, “May evil be confused on its way to your house.”


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  1. It is refreshing to see other people endulging in their passions and having it expained in words describing the feelings and visions they have. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing how these endeavors play out.

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